Hello and welcome to my tiny space of the internet. If this is your first time here it is so good to see you. Here are some things you might want to know about me and what all this Leeny Loves is about.

My name is Colleen, but I get called many names (?!) one of them being Leeny. This blog has been a long time coming and something I put off so many times but my first post explains all of that so make sure you go and check that out here.

I live in the heart of the Yorkshire dales with my handsome husband Andrew, you should probably know who he is as i am sure you will see him on here quite abit. We got married on Saturday 11th July 2015 and it was the most amazing day. So I am a wife, a full on Mrs and now I spend my days wondering what we will have for tea, if the bins have been put out and if Andrew has clean clothes for work on a Monday.

On Tuesday 16th January 2018 our lives completely changed again when we had a baby. She is the cutest and honestly we love her with all our hearts. You can meet our little Norah here.

When it comes to this blog, I can’t always guarantee what you are going to get. It could be fashion, food, beauty, life, days out, holidays, baby, outfits of the day the list is endless, its like a big lucky dip where you don’t really know what you are going to get. So if you are up for coming along on this journey with me then grab a cuppa, find a comfy seat and check out all the things I love.

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I am so excited to hear from you. 

So come on in, have a little mooch.

Love Leeny.