Under The Blossom Tree

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Call it a blogger/instagram cliche but if you haven't been for a drive in search of the perfect blossom tree then who are you. I reckon we have all taken at least one picture of some blossom at some point this season. anyone? or just me.

In the bank holiday sun went for a drive found some blossom and took some pictures of our cute little one. 

I always said I wanted this place to be a memory, a memory of Norah and our maternity leave together. So Colleen from the future looking back on these pictures aren't you glad you took these and look how tiny and cute the little Noodle is. 

Norah at 15 weeks in the blossom.

Awh noodle how I love you my little blossom.

This weekend get out and take some pictures of blossom. Honest it is good for your soul.

Have a great weekend.
Love Leeny

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