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Oh my little Noodle, just like that you are 4 months old.

Where are these months going. Time is flying by and even though I feel like it is going to fast I love getting to know more and more of your personality every day. 

In the last month you have grown and changed so much. 

Norah at 4 months... 
*You are full on Chatty Cathy. I mean you just talk away. I love waking up on a morning to hearing you chat away to yourself.
*Those hands, they are grabbing everything now. You love to hold our fingers and most of all are grabbing toys and anything in you way. 
*When you are bored or ready to move on you have this bizarre grunt. 
*This last weekend we lied you in the middle of our bed. But you didn't stay there, you have found a new way or wiggling around on the floor. 
*You had your 16 weeks jabs and oh my you were a poorly little thing with them. 
*This month you have had 4 drs appointments and a hospital appointment. 
*You had been a little bit poorly but we have some more appointments booked in to see more drs so hopefully we will get some answers
*We have had to buy some smaller summer clothes as you are a tiny one. You should be in your 3 - 6 month clothes but you are a dainty thing.
*I love seeing your reactions when you stare at your self in the mirror. You chat away all happy. 
*4 month sleep regression is in full force and you seem to have forgot how to sleep. This week we had a night where you were awake for the whole night. Both daddy and I were up with you all night. 
*Today as I was eating a pack of crisps you watched me as I moved every crisp to my mouth. 
*You get even cuter everyday.

Norah we are so excited to see what the next month brings us. 
You are a complete babe. 

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  1. I love seeing these posts as she grows - she's such a cutie! I hope she gets over what she has been ill with soon.

    1. Ahh thank you she is a cute! Thanks for commenting. We are hopefully getting to the bottom of it now. x