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Say what now, lets just for a moment think about that, 12 weeks. FLIP. I mean it only feels like yesterday I was spewing up at church thinking I had a stomach bug when it was actually morning sickness and now here I am a full on mum with a very nearly 3 month old.

Being a mum is incredible but so hard, oh so hard. The last few weeks since we posted all about Norah being 8 weeks we have had some rough times and being honest, I've cried a lot, more than I have done in a while. But no time to dwell on the 'its been tough blah, blah, blah' I have a mini human to raise. 

So with the baby asleep in her Moses basket next to me, Ewan playing his white noise and Andrew off playing his guitar I thought it was only right that I took this time to share all about our wonderful Norah at 3 months. 

Here we have it. Norah at 12 weeks...

*You have well and truly found your voice. You a quite the chatty one and I love it.
*So it seems you didn't have colic, you poor little thing have what they think is a cows milk allergy and silent reflux. You are now on some medication and I have cut out all dairy. Lets hope this makes a difference and you feel better soon.
* Daddy is fast becoming your favourite person along with your cousin Lottie. Whenever you see them you laugh and smile.
*We all had our first family night away staying in a premier inn and you only went and slept the whole night, I mean Premier Inn say a good night guaranteed and well they were right. 
*It seems you are quite the skinny Minnie. You are still wearing some newborn clothes and some 0 - 3 months are HUGE on you. You had all the health visitors worried which meant that your poor mum freaked out but the Dr assured me you are totally fine.
*Baby Shark is your favourite song and Daddy and I spend a lot of our time humming it to ourselves or singing it to you.
*Most nights for the last few weeks you have been sleeping for a few hours in your cot, this breaks my heart but you love it.
*You officially HATE your car seat, every time you are in it you scream.
*We tried you in the grown up big part of your pram and of course you loved it, but no not yet, my mummy heart can't cope with you moving up to the next part of you pram and also sleeping in your cot all within the same month. 

Every day we learn something new about you and everyday we love you more noodle. 

Love Leeny aka your obsessed mummy

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