The Day Norah Arrived

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Ok, here is your warning. Its a long one. Everyone said to me that when she comes you forget everything, well I don't think I want to, so because of that I have wrote it all down. My labour and delivery story with our little girl Norah.

Grab a brew and get comfy. Here is how it all happened...
8 weeks ago I was cleaning the house binge watching TOWIE on Netflix waiting for 3pm to come round.

I was now a week overdue and so fed up. I wanted this baby out, we were ready!

Bags packed.
Snacks ready.
Hypnobirthing videos watched.
Breastfeeding leaflets and books were read.
House was ready.
Car seat in the car.

We just needed her... it seems she was quite comfy where she was so at 3pm on Monday 15th January I had to ring the hospital to see if they had space for me to come in to be induced.

They did.

We had decided that on that day Andrew would work as normal as there was no point in him having a day off to start paternity leave if they didn’t have space for us.

When I heard the lady say make your way in Colleen, we will see you soon!


I was instantly sick and started to panic about everything. Andrew was only twenty minutes away but it felt like so much longer and by the time he arrived I burst into tears and felt completely overwhelmed.

We were finally on our way and ready to go! The hospital was 45minutes away but of course it was school traffic in our town and then rush hour when we arrived in Middlesbrough at the hospital.

We were taken to the induction suite which I have to say it was possible the worse room ever.
It was a large room separated by some sort of a divider. I could hear everything happening in the other little cubicles.

Playing in the corner was smooth fm on a little radio. Nothing quite like having contractions and ‘build me up buttercup’ playing in the background, definitely the calming music I wanted.

Our little room had a bed and the most uncomfortable chair ever, on the wall was a picture of a baby and some sort of quote about love which on the night I remember reading over and over again but now I can’t remember what it says.

At 6pm a lady came in and explained the whole induction process.

1 pessary for 6hrs.
Potentially another one for 6hrs if that doesn’t work.

If the pessary didn’t work then I would have to go home for 24hrs.

Then they would then start it all again.

The midwife explained that as it was my first child, expect to be in for a while so to get myself comfy.

So glad I downloaded season 8 if TOWIE to watch.

So we were ready. But to our surprise when she examined me I was already 1.5cm dilated. WAHOOOOOO which was a complete game changer and she quickly changed her tune and said this baby will be here before the morning. YOU WHAT LOVE?

They popped that little pessary in and Andrew and I headed off to Costa for some tea.

By 7pm something was definitely happening. I started to get waves of cramps, it just felt uncomfortable at first but as I ate my cheese and ham sandwhich it was definitely stopping me and making me take note.

We walked around the hospital and headed to the car to get our stuff before heading back to our little corner of the induction suite.

At around 9.30pm I was in pain, but as I paced the room, leaned over the bed and practiced my breathing I could cope.

The lady opposite me well, that was a different story she was HOWLING. Which I think scared me more so instantly Andrew popped my headphones in and became my DJ.

At 11pm I was in need of something so they hit me up with some paracetamol! Which well helped so much as you can imagine.

1am came round pretty fast and it was time to see if that little old pessary thing had done its job. Well lovely ones I am happy to say that it did!

I was now 3cm so she was able to break my waters, which I have to say is the most bizarre, weirdest thing ever. I mean that hook, the feeling the stuff! Aggggggghhhhhh, the memories.

Our midwife for the night was called Tracey and she was incredible. She went to go get our room ready for us and in that time I remember looking at Andrew thinking this is it.

We headed to our little room where we were told to get comfy. Comfy.....

Within no time the contractions had gone up a whole new level and I was in need of that gas and air.

While we were in the induction suite Andrew spent the whole time complaining about how uncomfortable the chair was so imagine how he felt when he arrived in the labour room to see the biggest recliner chair you could imagine. He made the most of said chair and pulled it up to the side of the bed where he then spent the rest of the night standing up for every contractions and sitting down when I wasn’t having one. The funniest thing is that the whole chair thing made me so mad and I remember at one point shouting at him and telling him to put the chair back and asking him in a sarcastic tone if he is enjoying his chair.

From 1am - 3am I was pretty much left to get on with it and enjoy my time on gas and air. The first time I inhaled that crazy stuff I felt sick and like I was on another planet but it soon became my best friend.

At 3am our midwife wanted to examine me to see how I was doing. Now I had been examined previously a few times that night and it wasn’t so bad but what was about to happen was honestly the start of the worse pains ever.

As she examined me to see how many cms I was I started to have a contraction. THE PAIN. I sucked on the gas and air so much that I honestly at one point felt like my whole body was floating in the air. I was suddenly hit back to reality when I heard Andrew say ‘breathe in the air Colleen’ he was meaning the actual air not the gas as I was flying on that.

At that point I was only 4cm!!!! But like the midwife said. A good 4cm. I could of died and I think I did cry. All she kept saying was I was a good 4cm, I mean what does that even mean.

Needless to say what ever she did when she examined me it kicked the pain up a level and I couldn’t cope and was begging for more pain killers.

In went the meptid and the anti sickness drug.

3am - 5.45am is a blur.

I was in pain and was constantly relying on the gas and air to get me through the contractions.
Andrew continued to sit down and stand up during contractions, much to my annoyance.

I continued to rive around on the bed in pain so much so that the sheet went everywhere. I tried everything, leaning over the bed, standing up you name it.

I wasn’t examined anymore and was told to go with what my body said. By 5.45am I was pushing!

Through labour the midwife kept saying to me 'this is the worse the pain gets Colleen this is the worst' which I didn’t understand till I started to push. I get it. I concentrated so much on pushing that I didn’t feel the pain of the contractions.

At 6am it was go time.

The midwives at this point took the gas and air off me as I was having too much fun and they wanted me to really concentrate on pushing.

Considering it was my first baby I was quite the pro at pushing which was nice to hear, shame the little thing didn't want to come out though. I tried everything to get Norah out but she was going no where.

At around 6.55 they brought in the surgeon consultant man.

Everything from about 6.40 had gone a bit crazy my contractions had slowed right down, so much so that I was falling asleep between them and when they did come they weren’t lasting long, only long enough for two pushes which meant that she wasn’t really getting anywhere, then throw in the fact they couldn’t work out how she was lying and well it all got a tad chaotic.

When the consultant came in he was able to work out that she was in the right position but apparently she had a massive head and was a bit stuck.

As he stood staring at me, he asked me what I wanted to do. Did I want to carry on pushing or should they help and when they say help, yup you guessed episiotimy and forceps.

I didn’t know.
Did they think she was stuck?
Was she struggling?
Did they think I couldn't do it?
Was there something that they could see on there monitors that I couldn't see?

At this point there were 3 midwives, this surgeon guy and Andrew all staring at me wanting an answer, in the end Andrew and I at the same time said 'Just get her out.'

In came about 10 people but this also coincided with the change over of staff so as I was getting ready to be cut open I was also getting introduced to new midwives and deep down feeling so sad to say bye to the lady who had seen me through the whole of the night.

Between 7 and 7.30am, trollies were wheeled in, people filled the room, I was being asked lots of questions, offered toast you name it.

Just before 7.30am they told me to get ready as I was about to meet my baby... I remember looking at Andrew and before I realised this 8lb messy little thing was placed on my chest. In that moment I became a massive mess, I just couldn't get my head around what was happening. She was beautiful, covered in goo and blood but she was beautiful.

It later came out that she was struggling and was in a bit of distress and I was not doing great either, they had initially started to prep theater for us as my notes told me but she was finally here and although 8 weeks later I still get flash backs I don't care how they did it as long as she was safe.

For the next 45minutes she lied wide eyed on my chest.

A whole year of trying to get pregnant and 9 months of waiting and she was finally here. Our little Norah. Then she started to cry and she only stopped if she was feeding. That was my next 5 hours but I will share that with you another time.

Pregnancy was rough for me. I was sick the whole way through. Labour was hard but you know I would do that all again.

Did you see my last post where I introduced my little Norah?

Were you induced? How was your labour? I would love to hear all about it.

Love Leeny

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