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So, I had all these crazy plans that I would write loads of pregnancy posts and document the whole thing here for you all but mainly for me, you know, as a little memory. 

But the truth is I don't quite know where the last 23 weeks have gone.

I had so many expectations about pregnancy and what it would be like and let's be honest my expectations have been nothing like my reality. 

First off. I LOVE BEING PREGNANT and being able to feel baby GIRL wind move around OH ME OH MY that has made it all so much real and I can't wait to meet her, to squish her and to squeeze her so much. Plus I can't wait to dress her up in the millions of headbands, the reality is I have nought so many but shhh to tell Andrew. 

You see my EXPECTATION was this... 
In my head I honestly thought I would feel rough and sick till about 12 weeks and then I would get the glow that everyone talks about. 

But the REALITY is...
I have been sick most days for the last 23 weeks and if I am not being sick I am feeling sick. Ha! 

But the thing is, I don't mind. I really don't. 
I have become quite the pro at being sick now and deal with it I think pretty well, ok sometimes I do. I don't mind feeling sick as it's a reminder that my little girl is still there growing every day. 

Being sleepy, I am all good with that. Growing a human is hard work so sleepiness I welcome you and I am actually enjoying being forced to relax and look after myself. 

It hasn't been what I expected but I would NOT change it for the world.

I am having a baby and I am so unbelievably thankful and excited and can not wait to hold our little one in my arms and that thought makes all the sickness, nausea, sleepiness and body changes SO. SO. WORTH. IT!!! 

The first and half of my second trimester have gone so fast that I am going to try so hard now to document the last part of my pregnancy. I don't want to forget this and in years to come and I want to look back and see how I felt and what was happening. So if you want stick around and keep checking in for more posts and updates on Baby and Me.

23 weeks done. 17 weeks to go. 

Love Leeny

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