The Last 16 Weeks

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If you haven't noticed I have been quiet and this time I have a genuine reason! 

You may have guessed already if you have seen my Instagram but Andrew and I are having a baby and we are so excited! 

I am officially 4 months pregnant and the last 16 weeks have been like no other in a good way and a bad way. 

Here is what I have learnt so far...
- The most ridiculous things make you retch and well, when you retch there is no going back. One day I saw a mouldy banana and I was gone.
- I have mainly lived on a diet of beige coloured food.
- Being sick has become a part of my daily routine. 10.45 on the dot, sickness strikes! 
- I have had way to many TMI conversations with people. Poo, wee, labour, sick you name it! 
- I've gone from not eating breakfast to now being a two breakfast kinda girl, every day! 
- I am always snacking. I'm writing this sat in the hospital waiting room waiting for my husband and I have devoured 4 ginger biscuits already, to the point the receptionist asked if I was pregnant! What gave it away the pack of ginger biscuits of the fact I have ran past you to spew twice.
- Walking around with sick on my shoes and up my jeans is a pretty common occurrence, having had to stop mid road trip to be sick and it going everywhere, no wipes and no clean clothes. I just had to get on with it! 
- Your body is currently doing the most amazing thing ever and growing a human but that also means it does the most ridiculous things too. Spots, smells, bionic nail growth, seriously I cut them yesterday and today they need cutting again, my hair has become thicker which is nice but one of the most random thing is I have started choking on my own saliva. Apparently you can produce more saliva while pregnant and yep, I have. 
- Some days you are literally loving life and the next you want to curl up in bed and watch jane the virgin on repeat as you are TOO sleepy. 
- House work goes out the window. I mean if you could see my house
- The hormones. Wow! Those pesky things. The best so far was definitely sat in the bath crying to Andrew because it was 9.50pm and I wanted cereal and we had no milk! 
- When people say it will all get easier after your first trimester! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and my first trimester finished 4 weeks and if anything I feel worse that I did back then. 
- I have kinda given up on eating out as I have lost count of the amount of meals I have eaten and then been sick before we have even paid for it. Clearly Baby Wind was not a fan of that Frankie and Bennys breakfast we had the other day.

This is the MOST EXCITING TIME EVER. The pretty things, the excitement, pram shopping, name thinking I ADORE IT ALL. 

All of the above the good and the bad is totally worth it because at the beginning of January next year Andrew and I will get to see our cute tiny(?) bundle of love. This isn't my baby or Andrews baby this is OURS and this little one is the most important thing to us at the moment. If it means I have to sleep a little more, say no to a few more things, take the disgusting vitamins, attends hospital appointments when I hate hospitals then I will, I will do it all day, everyday, I will endure the sickness and the smells and the spots and the soreness because we are brewing a baby a baby we have prayed for and dreamed about for over a year and this baby means more than anything to us and we CAN NOT wait to be parents! 

So to our tiny Baby Wind, we love you so much already. Keep getting bigger and stronger and we can not wait to meet you. 

Love Leeny 

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