Dear Diary: Life Lately

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It is Bank Holiday Monday and I am currently sat on the sofa under a fluffy blanket, drinking a Costa and eating a Danish pastry, I have spent the whole day watching Netflix and catching up on all the programmes that we have recorded. On a side note I have just watched Mothers Day and Netflix and I LOVED IT, a total chick flick but so good.  
This weekend seems to have flown by, well lets be honest the last month has, last time I checked it was February and we were celebrating Andrews Birthday and now that lad is loving life being 30. Without me quite realising I have just been so busy and time has passed me by, so this weekend has been all about re focusing and just re charging in some ways.
Now if you know my husband you will know that his main plan for this weekend was to do 'Jobs around the house' I wanted to sit in coffee shops and go to the beach but no, the broken fence in the back garden came out the winner so we have spent our weekend trying to sort that out, boring I know but apparently we will feel so much better when it is done!
Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get back on top of all this blogging stuff but for now, here is a little photo dump of the last month and a bit for all you lovely ones.

So, since we last chatted we have had more birthday celebrations for Mr W, I got all my hair chopped off and even braved it and had a sneeky fringe put in and I LOVE IT. Andrew and I have continued to do lots of jobs around the house, including re vamping our wardrobe and of course a TON of family time. This month we welcomed our new baby niece and well, she is BEAUTIFUL.
Life is so exciting and so so so good. We are now in the middle of April but we have started to make plans for my birthday and I am so excited now to turn 30.
So what have you lovely lot been up to the last few weeks, tell me, tell me!
Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday and I will see you all soon, I PROMISE.
Love Leeny

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