Primark Haul March 2017

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Hello Strangers. 
So yeah, let's address the issue! 
I've not blogged for a month. Reason being, I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY. 

Mr Wind turned 30 at the end of February and well we celebrated hard. Parties, presents, trips away and so much more. Due to that I have just been abit awol. 

But I am back and I am so excited to get back into this blogging malarkey and being honest I have missed it big style. 

So if you follow me on Instagram, if you don't make sure you do. I had a rare day off in the week so headed to the beautiful place that is Primark. Nothing makes me more happy than a quiet mid week shop to Primark. I didn't need anything but the thing is you never do, do you, But two bags later I clearly needed something. 

In the last week I have watched a TON of Primark hauls on YouTube so I was literally chomping at the bit to get there and £50 later I picked myself up quiet the haul. 

So enough waffle! Let's show you Primark fans what I got my hands on. 


This coat should of been £28 and it was down to £5. I know right, what a steal! 
This coat is two sizes two small but you wouldn't know! It's just so beautiful. I can't wait to rock this now, with out the fur collar as the weather gets warmer. 


This again was a impulse purchase but to be honest everything I bought was, this was on a rail near the entrance and when I saw that it was one £5 I thought why the heck not. I can imagine wearing this in the summer with bare tanned legs and sandals or even little ankle boots now. 


I am all about the oversize tshirts and when o saw this it was put in the basket without thinking. I work with kids so tshirts like this are essential and some days you just want to rock a large tshirts, skinnies and trainers and this tshirts is for that. 


Being quite honest this will probably be worn once before I get a stain on it or before it gets dyed another colour in the wash but the feel of this fabric and how soft it is, is amazing. 

VESTS / £1.80

I am a girl who wears a vest under any top, dress or any item of clothing. I always have and always will, not sure what it is but I won't leave the house ever just wearing one top, it's all about the layers. 
These best are only £1.80 and well you can never have too many can you. 

SHOES / £3 - £8

This was the one thing I actually needed. After spending the whole of winter wearing boots or trainers I am more than ready to get some ballet pumps on my feet and I think my feet are excited to breathe again. Ok ok, the gold shoes are ridiculous but we all need some gold in our life. The black shoes are practical and the leopard ones are for fun and a bit of adventure.


I am all over the Victoria Secret inspired nightshirts and this one is my favourite and so soft. This little gem was only £8 and having worn it for bed last night I can confirm it is softest fabric. EVER. 
Now that the warmer nights are coming, those fleecy pyjamas are away and I am loving these SO MUCH. 


These two things I picked up as I was queing to may for my things, Primark know how to do it don't they. These glasses are amazing, Mr Wind didn't agree but you know what I love them. Every girl needs sock and when I saw these ones I had to get them although I have chunkier legs and they definitely don't go over my knees. 


So there we have it all the things I didn't need from Primark. Have you guys been and picked anything up recently? Comment below and let me know. 

Don't forget if you haven't already to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram, I will appreciate muchly. 

Have a great weekend. 

Love Leeny

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  1. I love a good Primark haul - how crazy is it that you got that coat for £5! I love it when that happens. I really love that navy striped dress too, will keep my eye out for it next time I'm in there spending money I don't have xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I know and I adore it! Every time I wear it I proudly claim it cost £5.

      Thank you for commenting! :)