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Oh, hello
Right, to start off lets be honest. Back in November I hit the wall. I was done with feeling uncomfortable in all of my clothes and just generally meh. I know I have put weight on I can tell but I also got a swift talking too by the not so helpful doctor, who didn't hold back in telling me how obese I am. Now I am not going to lie, it did hurt and he was nasty but I get he has a job to do.

Now I am not doing this for him.

I am doing this because I know.

I know I have put weight on,
I know I feel uncomfortable,
I know I need to stop eating terrible food and make better choices.


So because of that I joined Weight Watchers online. They had some sort of deal going on which meant I got 3 months for £25 instead of the usual £36.49. Now, loads of people said that I should just go to the class but I just don't know, I don't think I am a class kinda gal. I am already out 3 nights a week so another night for class doesn't seem appealing, there are classes during the day but, being truthful I am just not feeling siting in a group and standing on the scales in front of a stranger, the idea of it sends my anxiety through the roof. 

I decided to give myself the 3 months online challenge, well it isn't really a challenge I just made that up myself, I wanted to see what would happen. If I couldn't lose weight in those 3 months then I would maybe consider joining a class but I can tell you know that after 2 months its going well. 

H O W   I T   A L L   W O R K S 
Signing up couldn't have been easier. I headed to the Weight Watchers website and chose the 'online' option. I filled in all my details and set up a log in. From there I answered a ton of questions about me, my age, height, weight etc. Then with some sort of Weight Watchers maths they gave me a daily allowance of smart points and also a weekly allowance of points. Now with these points there are some rules... 

DAILY / These points are to be used every day, they renew every day and you can not carry them over to the next day.
WEEKLY / These ones are for extra treats, just in case you go over your daily allowance. I like to use these for weekends as well, everything goes out the window then. 

S M A R T   P O I N T S
All food that you eat has a point value. Now fruit and veg (most of it) is 0 points but then a poached egg is 2sp and well, I found out this last night but a Chicago Town Pizza stuffed crust 4 cheese is 61sp, which is a joke, I nearly died. 

A P P 
One thing that was a major pull for me choosing Weight Watchers was the app, seriously this app has taken over my obsession with Facebook. The app is split into 5 parts. 

MY DAY / This is where you see your Daily points, Weekly points and how many points you have left. On the My Day section you record all your meals and it tracks all your points. The great thing about this app is there is a barcode scanner, this means that you can scan all bar codes and check points. Also at the bottom of the page you can access recipes as well. At the top of this section you can choose from food and activity, the app is linked to my FitBit and you can record all exercise as well.

JOURNEY / Here is where you can see your progress, you can record your weight etc. 

+ BUTTON / In the middle of the screen there is a plus button. When you click on this you can record you weight, activities and also plan recipes etc.

CONNECT / Now Connect is well, just like FaceBook. On here you can interact and chat with other people on weight watchers. There are before and after pictures, recipe ideas and you can follow other people. This is my favourite part, on days where I am struggling I head on here and get some inspiration but I also have picked up loads of tip and ideas as well. 

CHAT / Now I have never had to use this but there is a chat section where you can talk to a member of the Weight Watchers team about anything you are struggling with.

Seriously the APP is unreal.

S O   F A R 
Now in typical Colleen style and in hindsight starting in the middle of November was probably not the best idea. I had 4 weeks where everything was amazing and so easy. I lost 12lb in that time and could definitely tell the difference, but then Christmas came and it all went belly up. Including Christmas and new year I took 3 weeks off and put on 6lb! ahhhhhhhhhhh :( But in the last two weeks I have been back on plan an have lost those 6lb again. 

Now February is coming and soon my 3 month membership will be up but I am enjoying it. I feel better in myself and I am starting to see a difference in me so because of that I am going to carry on and see what happens. I mean if I can lose 1lb every week for a whole year that's 52lb and you know 1lb seems doable. 

But don't fear, this is now not a weight loss blog but I may share some recipes and how I am doing along the way. 

Anyone else ever tried Weight Watchers? Did it work! I would love to know. 

Love Leeny

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