OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

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If you saw my 'What I got for Christmas' post you would have seen that I got this amazing OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish set off my mumma and it is the best.

This set came with the Primer, 3 nail polishes, the top coat, an anti chip polish and also some nail polish remover. 

When I first got his I had no clue what it was and what it was meant to do, but like what it says on the lid it is for infinite shine and that is exactly what it does. 

So what the heck do you do... 

S T E P   O N E 
Clean up those nails, file them down, give them a buff,  you know a general tidy up.

S T E P   T W O 
Take the OPI Base Coat and paint all your nails with a thin even coat, this dries pretty fast but still leave it for a few minutes.

S T E P   T H R E E 
Now it is time to choose a colour. This set came with 3 choices so I went with the Crimson colour, if you are pretty confident then I reckon go for it with a thick first coat but if not just do two layers. 

S T E P   F O U R 
Leave the colour to dry for a good few minutes. I then took the chip proof polish and just painted the tips of my nails as that is where my nails chip the most.

S T E P   F I V E
Its time for the final part which is OPI Gloss polish. Paint all those nails and DO. NOT. TOUCH. ANYTHING. 

S T E P   S I X
Watch some TV,  listen to music, get someone to make you a drink. Most importantly don't touch anything till it dries. Now put on some pretty clothes and get someone to take you out and treat you or like me just take pictures of them.
 When I first used this I didn't really expect much but I got so many compliments about my nails. They really are high gloss and look so professional and like they are gel nails done by professional which they aren't at all. It may take a lot longer that the 60 second nail polish but I love the results and they definitely last a long time. 

OPI do the most amazing colours in their Infinite Shine range and I can not wait to try some more. 

What do you think? Impressed as much as me! 
If you give them a try let me know. 

Love Leeny

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