January Favourites

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28th January. Well we made it didn't we. First month down and I have to say it has been a good one.

Here are just a few highlights.
1. I have lost a stone in weight! Wahooo. A whole 14lbs and I feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for it.
2. Andrew and I went on some dates and it was the best.
3. I have stuck with the whole blogging every week thing I said.
4. Jobs we said we wanted to do around the house have been done.
5. I have seen friends and drank a lot of coffee which makes me happy.
6. I have bought all of Andrews presents for his birthday next month! Winning at life.
7. We have booked time off and are going on holiday next month.

January I have loved you and I now can not wait for February with Valentines Day, 30th Birthdays and holidays.

Now, there have been some things I have been OBSESSED with this month and I wanted to share them with you lovely ones. So, enough of me and all my ramberling.

Here are my January Favourites.



For Christmas Andrew got me an Elizabeth Arden Bright Lights, Big City set and oh my. There are so many things in there that I love but the Eye Make Up Remover has to be the best. Most days I wear eye shadow, eye liner, masacara and I was finding that I was rubbing my eyes most nights so hard to get all the make up off. This was leaving me having really sensitive eyes. I wasn't really expecting much from this so when I used it because I couldn't find anything else I was BLOWN away. I put a few drops on some cotton wool, hold it to my eyes and rub off and it literally wipes away.

I picked this beauty up in the Boxing Day Sale after hearing so many people rave about it and honestly I can see why. When I use this I can smell it on my skin for hours after, my husband has become obsessed with it as well. I do think this is only available at Christmas which sucks but when Christmas comes it definitely is a must. Has anyone ever used this before, what is the smell? HELP I can not work it out.

F O O D   A N D   D R I N K


Now I know this is a funny one but this month I have just drank Pepsi Max like it is going out of fashion. Everyday I pick on of these up from the shop next to work and it is gone with in no time. I have recently joined Weight Watchers, I know, I know I am that desperate and with it all being based on points and that, this beauty comes in with 0 smart points so that's a winner in my eyes.

Now you may have seen but at the beginning of the month I made Vanilla Cupcakes from Tanya Burrs book, Tanya Bakes and man they are so good and so easy to make now we have our KitchenAid, so yeah you got it, this month I have made cupcakes so many times but as you know I am on a diet so I have just been given them away or eating them for a sneaky treat. If you are looking for a yummy cupcake recipe then make sure you check out my post or even by the book.

F A S H I O N 


Andrew picked this scarf up for me at Christmas after I saw Rhiannon Ashlee talk about it one of her vlogs. I wanted a huge oversize scarf that I could wear with everything and even use as a wrap if needed and this was the one. We picked it up from ASOS for £12 and I have worn it every day. I have so many scarves but they don't always go with my oufits so its so nice to have one that goes with everything. This scarf has been a life saver the last few weeks, I have used it as a blanket in my freezing office and even covered my friends baby in it to keep them warm. Its a huge WIN.


If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that over Christmas and the beginning of this month we have done lots of little jobs around the house including finally putting up prints that we have had for ages. At the bottom of our stairs we have this little wall art space which includes a personalised print from my brother that we got for our wedding, a calendar which we fill out and change monthly, a picture of us on our wedding day and then these two new prints. I found the 'Go the extra mile' quote online and just printed it out and then the 'Enjoy the little things' print was £1.99 from B&M and I love it. We have finished of this little space with a cute chair and its honestly one of my favourite corners of our house.  
The cushions on our sofa were in need of a re vamp and I was ready to inject some more colour into our lives, much to Andrews annoyance. I wanted to go for a crazy, thrown on, different types of cushion look and I think we achieved that. I picked up these pastel pink cushions from Matalan for £6 and the mint green ones from Primark for £5. I love them and so does Andrew. The geometric triangle print cushions were from eBay and cost £2.49. They are so pretty and so cheap. My new favourite thing is to just sit on my sofa with all my cushions and make my own pillow palace. 
T V   A N D   M U S I C

After having no series to watch together in such a long time we decided to start watching Suits after it was recommended by a friend. Seriously, SO GOOD! Its all about lawyers and solving cases and Andrew and I are hooked. Any time we have a chance to watch an episode we do. Definitely worth a watch if you are looking for something at the moment.
What a women. To be honest she could probably go in my favourites every month but this month 'Water Under the Bridge' has been on repeat. I can't help but sing my heart out and dance away to it. Well there is no way I can do a January Favourites and not talk about the beauty that is Ed Sheeran. I am so glad he is back and his song 'Castle on the Hill' is my jam really. January has been all about these two voices. 
There we have it friends, my January Favourites and a few highlights. How has your month been, what have you been loving?
Have your self and incredible week. Don't forget to go and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to see you over there.
Love Leeny

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  1. Love the positive start! So lovely and those cushions look amazing
    Christy x

    1. Ah Thank you Christy. I am trying to be positive and make a note every month of the things I have acheived or loved.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a great day.

  2. Sounds like a good month, I feel like it's gone so fast.


    1. It has hasn't it! I can not believe it is the 4th Feb already and this is a short month.
      Thank you for you comment.
      Have a great day. x