Dear Diary: Let's Go Find a Waterfall

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''I have been thinking, shall we get a National Trust card?'' 
A direct quote said to Andrew by yours truly.

Thats right. This was a genuine thing that came out of my mouth last week while in search of a waterfall with Andrew. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I BECOME.

After spending a few days in the house, wearing PJs, eating all our body weight in chocolate it was time to get out and go on an adventure and most importantly get some fresh air.

There is something about being outside in the middle of no where that makes my heart so happy, it is honestly so good for my soul. We put on a ton of warm clothes, found out our trainers, packed the most ridulous packed lunch including a zip lock bag filled with around 35 mini sausage rolls and set out in search of a water fall.


We decided to head to a place called High Force, Andrew and I remembered us as kids at school going on a school trip and I have been before with friends which was a while other adventure including me breaking my flip flops and having to do the whole walk bare foot. 

It was a such a crisp, cold day and it seems that loads of other people had the same idea as us as it was packed. After setting off from home we headed via one of our favourite towns for Costa and then on in search of a water fall. As we drove along the country roads we played our favourite songs, while reminiscing about all our favourite parts of Christmas so far. 


We pulled up in the car park and it seems that every one else was searching for a waterfall aswell as there were so many people around. As we parked up we pulled back the seats and had our very own car picnic, it was the best, this girl doesn't need anything fancy. 

The walk down to the falls is through trees and over tiny bridges. We passed so many old people, young people, families and dogs it seemed like everyone was out in force and everytime we walked past someone they said hello, there is always something about Christmas that brings out the nice in people, isn't there.

As we walked around the corner we saw it in the distant through the trees. It honestly was a sight that took your breath away, you could hear it before you saw it. 

As we walked in the direction of the waterfall we arrived at the top of the wooden steps that took you down to the river bank. There were parents at the top watching there children trying not to freak out as they climbed all over the wet rocks. People were stood in amazement, taking pictures, setting up tripods for the perfect shot, throwing stones in the river and you could just hear the faint sound of people laughing and having fun. 

It was so nice to have a day where I didn't care about how I looked, or how my hair fell or even how much make up I had on. I was wearing a huge oversized jumper that made me feel like I was an inmate at the local prison and that parka jacket, don't get me started, its gross and needs a wash but is so comfy. 

Andrew and I have never been one of the couple to pose for a photo in front of a special landmark or a pretty view, we are more the selfie type as you can see but when a cute old couple stopped an asked if we would like our picture taken we just couldn't say no, so here we are the ultimate cheese but we love it so much.

After we checked out High Force we drove a mile down the road to see Low Force. We parked up in a car park hidden in the middle of the forrest but it had the cutest dirt kitchen which I wish I could have played in. 

We wandered across the road and over some fields, down a bank, where we found a rope bridge. Across the bridge you found Low Force. After the success of our couple shot we decided to set up the timer and try and go for another one but nope, what a fail. Lets stick to selfies next time. 

After two hours of exploring and walking around we stopped off for a cup of tea in the cosiest warm hotel. It was so nice to warm up after the coldest walk. 

It was the perfect day with my favourite. He is seriously the best and lets be honest he is getting so much better at being a instagram husband. 

Love Leeny

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