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Can you smell it, can you feel it? Ahhh the sweet scent of a new year. I mean,  if you have been living under a rock and have no idea what the date is you would definitely be able to tell its a new year, look at the amount of people out running or by the posts on instagram of healthy food, I mean if I see one more post saying new year, new me, I may go INSANE. 

But, it is FINALLY here and I am excited. 2016 is gone and a brand spanking new year has arrived. I always feel like a new year brings an air of excitement, I mean anything can happen can't it. It was so strange last week looking back over the goals I set myself this time last year and seeing what I achieved and failed at miserably. 

It is now the 2nd of January and over the last few days with Andrew we have been chatting about our plans and dreams for this year. There are things we want to achieve and do as a couple but we also have a hefty list of things we want to do as individuals aswell. The end of 2014 and 2015 for us was insane, we started dating, got engaged, planned a wedding and bought a house, I was exhausted by the end of it so in 2016 we decided that for us both it was going to be the year of 'winging it' and well, we did just that, we didnt make plans, we didn't organise anything huge we just took each month as it came and decided there and then what we wanted to do. It was the best.

But truth being told, I am ready, ready for a new year with new challenges and goals and well I am sharing them here with you, you know for the whole accountability thing and the fact that come this time next year I can come back to here right (hello future Colleen) and see how I have done. 

2017 for me is all about the word BE. Not 'try', not 'give it a good go', not 'if you feel like it'. Simply BE. To me, BE is all about just doing it. Just be that person, stop making excuses just become and be it, no excuses


So here it is, all the things I want to BECOME and BE this year. 



I want to be present. I want to be a person that when someone talks to me they know they have my whole attention, none of this looking around the room, playing on my phone getting distracted. I want to be present in the moment, enjoying every second. 

This year Andrew and I have decided that as a couple and personally we want to just be more generous, with our time, effort, energy, finances and more. 

I mean we all need to be abit kinder sometimes. Come join the lets be 'Kind Club' with me.

This year I just want to be more pro active, I want to be a person who gets things done, I want to make things happen instead of waiting for things to come to me. No more will I make excuses.

I mean this is something that is on the list every year but yeah, seriously, I want to make healthier choices. 

I need to chill out majorly. True story. Things thats stress me shouldn't be stressing me, I worry about what I look like, what my house looks like, work shedules, family, friends, I worry alot. So this year I just want to chill out. 

Last year I found myself just worrying too much about what other people thought, so much so that sometimes I changed who I was, or became someone who I wasn't. This year I want to just be me. 

So stick around, let see if I can become all these things in 2017. 

What are you plans and goals for 2017?
I have a good feeling about this year. 

Love Leeny

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