Highlights of 2016

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 D E A R   2 0 1 6

Before you get worried thinking this is another hate post about how pants you have been, bear with me, I think you might like this.

Ok, lets get it out there at the beginning of this post, you know lay it all out on the table. Yeah, I will be honest its been quite the year and you have thrown a fair whack our way. Now this post is not about getting into all of that because to be honest I want to finish the year on a high not on a downer. 

This year for the world has been insane and for me personally I can probably use the same word to describe it. 2016 has been a year of so many HIGHS and HIGHLIGHTS but also a few pretty pants lows. 

In the middle of the year I,  well the only way to describe it is I lost the plot. If you were around at that time you would of definitely noticed my lack of concentration, how I wasn't very present and would do anything to hide away and not really been seen, I said no to so many opportunities and well and truly lost my brave. My anxiety went through the roof and I found myself back in a place that I hadn't been in for such a long time, so yeah, cheers 2016.

I spent night after night lying awake, my mind filled with ridiculous thoughts and feelings. 
It was a ridiculous cycle. 
I wouldn't sleep worrying.
I would be sleepy and we all know that a sleepy tierd girl is not a girl you want to mess with. 
It went like this day after day to the point where I can say I lost it.

One thing through it all that I always tried to do was to remember and hold on to the things I was thankful for. When I couldnt sleep I would lie in bed thinking of all the things I was so grateful for if its people, situations, memories, opportunities to be honest, it was anything and some times it was ridiculous things.

Through that whole time 2 Thessalonians 5: 18 was a bible verse that I kept repeating. Be thankful in ALL circumstances, in them all. Be thankful even when I don't feel like it. Be thankful when I am sad, when I am worried, when I am paranoid and anxious. I choose to be thankful.

You know I get it, its hard, really hard to be thankful but there is something that happens to us when we choose to remember what we are thankful for. When we choose to be thankful despite how we are feeling we take our eyes off our situtation and we realise what we have over what we don't have. 

 Its offically the last day of the year, I know, how did that happen and to finish the year off instead of another post about why I am done with this year and sharing all the negative things that have happened I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of 2016 and some of the things I am thankful for. 


J A N U A R Y 
Andrew and I got to see the New Year in, in Edinburgh. We managed to get tickets to see Biffy Clyro in the gardens underneath the castle, seriously Edinburgh know how to see a new year in. It honestly was one of the best experiences ever. I am so thankful I got to do it.

F E B R U A R Y 
In Feb we got to see Dallas Green in Manchester, I had a few days with some friends in Chester. I took a few days off and we headed to Amsterdam for Andrews birthday. It was a month of so many adventures and I loved it.
M A R C H 
 This month we spent so much time with family, my FB for March is filled with so many pictures of fun times with the cute ones in my life, I seriously am so thankful for all my family. We also did some work on the house which we loved. 

A P R I L 
At the end of the month we headed to the Lake District on holiday with Andrews parents. The weather was amazing and we had a hot tub just outside the door with the most amazing view. It was such an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful we all got that time away. 
M A Y 
This month I was so busy planning for a ton of work stuff, I am so thankful that I am in a job that I love. 

This month was INSANE. I am so thankful for June. We had Kids Camp where we took away so many kids for the week. It was then my birthday and we had a day of adventures together. 

J U L Y 
More adventures were awaiting me in July. I headed to Brighton and London with my love. We also celebrated our first anniversary. We also found out that we were going to be Auntie and Uncle again.

A U G U S T 
This is where things get a tad difficult. I took the month of FB and didn't post anything but in August I was thankful for a break. Summer had come and the generally pace in life slowed down. I spent loads of time reading and getting my craft on. 

S E P T E M B E R 
In September we launched a third location of Church which is BEYOND exciting. 

O C T O B E R 
We took a week off together in October and did so many amazing things. Spa days, walks and so much more. 

N O V E M B E R 
 Christmas drinks came back to Costa. Silly I know my I have been waiting for this all year. 

D E C E M B E R 
All of it. I mean this month has been insane. I have loved every single thing about it. To see everything we got up to then click here.

So there we have it 2016, although its been a strange year there is so much I have loved and thankful for. 

So 2017. I am excited for you. I can not wait to see what you have in store for us. 
Same time next year?

Love Leeny

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  1. hello, lovely this is a great collection of your year, and it's gonna be amazing to look back on. I hope your 2017 is even better xxx

    1. I know thats why I love blogging, Its such a good reminder to keep to you goals and to reflect on what has been!
      Happy New Year.
      Thanks for your comment! x

  2. Lovely post! It's great to go back and look at what you've done! :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn