Dear Diary: My Christmas Holidays

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This Christmas has been pretty amazing. I have had the best few days with some of my favourites and   I wish I could do it all over again.

December is so busy for me so I try to be super organised and prepared when it comes to presents, sending cards and shopping and this year I am so glad I was. By the 18th December all presents were wrapped and under the tree. WHAT A FEELING. I was even so organised that I was able to blog every day for 12 days in the run up to Christmas which I loved, so make sure you head over  and check out some of those posts.

Andrew finished work on the 23rd which meant that we had Christmas Eve together which we have never done before. We spent the day baking and sorting any last minute things. On the evening we headed to a Carol Service at Church with my Brother and his family then it was time for the usual Christmas Eve tradition of a takeaway curry in front of the fire.

Christmas Day was LONG, so long but that was because Andrew woke up at 5.15am and when I woke up at 6 and couldn't see him I freaked out and then was awake for the rest of the day, we had done presents by 7am. HAAAAA!

We had a day or gifts,  Church, more presents, food, more presents, more food and more presents.

Here are some pictures of our perfect Christmas Day.

On Boxing Day, I woke up so early and decided to sit on sofa watching films and colouring in. When Andrew woke up we chilled out and went on a very windy and cold walk in the sun. We spent the rest of our day eating a second Christmas  meal at Andrews parents. This was all while sat in the queue on the Lush website, did you see that. Oh my, 8 hours it took, 8 hours.

So there we have it a little glimpse into my Christmas. I would say that I have done lots of other things but the truth is I have mainly been sat on the sofa watching endless episodes of Vampire Diaries and eating more chocolate than is sociable accceptable. 

Christmas has been so amazing and I am now so excited for 2017. 


Love Leeny

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