Day 9 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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So if you have guessed it I have missed a day, boohoo! The truth is I was planning the post had wrote the post and the completely forgot to publish it. So lucky for you all you get two posts in one day. one now and one later. 

A little later that planned but here is Day 9 of the 12 Days till Christmas. 

Today is all about nails. Now I love polishing my nails and I think its fair to say that I have not had bare nails in around 10 years. Some people hate it others love it and I am a huge fan of it. 

Now with Christmas days away I new I needed to get my festive nails good to go. Now normally I think at this time of the year the go to colour is RED but for me uh huh this year I just wanted glitter and sparkles and I didn't care what colour it was. 

I am obsessed with these nails and the colour and the glitter and the different colour sparkles and just OHLMFAGFJKABFUIGAKLFAKLHFAH.

So here we have it my festive nails for Christmas 2016. 

So how did I get this beautiful nails. 

1. Clean them up, file them down, buff them up, just a little TLC your nails will thank you for it. 

2. First coat is the Barry M Quick Dry nail varnish in colour Pit Stop. 

3. Once that has dried then its time for the sparkle. I chose Nails Inc Holographic and its beautiful. It dried so well and I went for 2 coats for extra sparkles. 

4. Once that has dried I just popped on a clear coat of the Nail Envy nail harder. I always think especially with glitter you need just a clear coat of something to finish it off. 

So there we have it. My Festive Nails and you can find all the link here... 

Christmas is coming everyone. Make sure you get yourself ready. 

Love Leeny

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