Day 8 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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Day 8 is here and today the festive levels have gone to new heights! 

We had our official staff lunch, now when I say lunch I meam sweets, crisps and generally a feast of party food. We then covered our desk in coloured lights and listened to Christmas songs all day. 

And as well as all that I a heading out in a few hours for a Friendmas get together to eat more food. 
What a day. 

But for now lets get into today's 12 Days till Christmas post. 

I am super proud of myself you know, I have not blogged for months and here I am on my 8th day in a row blogging. Who the HECK am I. 

So as you know last year Andrew and I got married and here is a little picture here... 

 We bought our first home and planned our wedding all within 6 months and last Christmas was our 1st Christmas together as husband and wife and in a new home. I love it so much, I mean we could write and do what we want. I could wake up when we wanted, go to bed when we wanted. We could write our own traditions and that is exactly what we did. 

Now I know for it to be a tradition it has to be done a few times and well some are still do be done but are being done so there are officially a tradition now. I say so, so here are my Christmas traditions. 


Its been 10 years now since I have left school and still every Christmas and at different times throughout the year me and the girls who were friends at school always get together for a little friendmas get together. Its always one of my favourite times 

Every year we always try and buy a new Christmas decoration to add to our collection, like I have said this is only our 2nd Christmas in this house so the Christmas decoration collection is still growing. 

Funny may it seem but every Christmas we try and drink our way through all the festive drinks in Costa. I mean anything for a cheeky Costa with my husband. You will be glad to know that between the two of us this has been conquered and completed. 

We did this for the first time last year and plan to do it again this year but we love to get both of our families together for some party food, chats and Christmas fun. 

For the last couple of years myself and my brother and sister and their families get together for breakfast at a local farmshop. We eat yummy food and then look around the animals. Its so nice for us to get together as we don't always have the chance. 

Our local curry house does a crazy deal on Christmas eve so yep we take advantage and enjoy a festive curry treat. 

Every year we always pop on our Christmas jumpers, put on a film, grab some festive snacks and decorate our tree. Its always one of my favourite days. 

Every year around Christmas we always head to Newcastle for some Christmas shopping and to check out the Christmas markets. We always make sure we go and check out Fenwicks windows aswell. 

Well there we go. Our Christmas traditions. I am excited to see this list grow. 

So what are you Christmas traditions. I would love to know. 

Love Leeny

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