Day 6 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat and all that! 


Now I mentioned this in Day 1 but the coffee table in our living room is ever changing. We have a table centre piece for every season and occasion.

I love nothing more than a bit of seasonal decorating. 

Now with it being Christmas and well having NO money, well we do but Andrew put a ban on any more decorations we had to be a little more creative and use only what we already had.

So here we have it 3 centre pieces using bits we already had around our little house.


Now this tray we have had for a few months and its normally on our dining room table full of succulents and cati. But all I did was find the accorns we had kicking around from our Autumn decorations pop them on the tray with two candles I found in our bedroom and BOOM. We have had so many compliments about this centre piece and I love it so much.


This centre piece is one of my favourites and is currently at home on my mums dining room table. Last week my mum had mentioned to me that she had nothing for the table and didn’t know what to do, we chatted about the wreath she wasn't using and how if she popped a candle in the middle it would be the perfect. Well we did it and it looked amazing. This wreath we already had up on the door and again the candle we had around the house.


Now this one is completely different from the other two but I love it all the same. We have these Christmas boxes that we got a couple of years ago with gifts in, we now use them to put Christmas decorations in, through Christmas we store all our festive candles in them. Now I never knew what to do with them so we popped them on the table with this cute lantern that we bought from ikea and this other cute candle holder from b&m and voila. So simple but so cute. My husband actually prefers this one to the others. This set up isn’t on my coffee table but is now on a shelf in our living room.

So there we have it 3 simple, easy centre pieces using all the things I found around my house.

Have a look and be creative I am sure you can find something and make it look amazing if you do send me a picture. 

Love Leeny

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