Day 5 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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Happy Saturday 16th December you lovely ones. 

So are you all feeling Christmassy yet? 


One of my favourite things about Christmas is the presents. Now of course I love buying and giving presents but for me I love to wrap presents.

There is most definitely an art in my wrapping and I love nothing more than making the outside of a gift as pretty as what is in the gift.

So today I wanted to share with you some cheap and easy ways to dress up your presents and make them all a little more special.

Every year we have a theme when it comes to our paper and this year we went for the red, white and brown paper look. I picked up the brown paper really cheap from the local Pound Shop. The red paper which there is 3 types, the spotty, stripey and the pretty print we picked up from ikea, it cost me £3 for all 3 rolls.

Now ribbon is pretty expensive especially this time of the year, if you were to buy just a meter then that’s fine, but for presents you need a lot more than a meter. I mean this year I have bought 34 people Christmas presents so as you can imagine that’s a lot of ribbon.

Now there is a trick to cheap ribbon. In every haberdashery there is a box of wonder. This box is filled with the end of rolls of ribbon, you know, not quite a meter. In those boxes you will find so many different types of ribbon and every year I just raid the box of wonder and find all the red, gold, green ribbon, just anything festive.

Each bundle can cost anything from 20p – 50p, its definitely worth a look before you spend lots of money on all the pretty ribbon in the Christmas section.

Now your probably thinking I didn’t know this was a thing, well it is and Paperchase know it as they currently have a whole section dedicated to them and let’s be honest they are all a tad expensive.
Now this year I raided the Pound shop and found a few different things that weren’t quite present toppers but I decided to use them as….

Pack of Berrys
I am not quite sure what they were for but I cut them up and I just tied them into the ribbon.

Gingerbread Garland
I love these cute gingerbread men so much. This was actually a gingerbread garland, all the gingerbread were attached in a long line but I just cut them up and stuck them on the gift.

Bells and Candy Canes
In every Pound shop you go in you will find them. They are little bells on string and are actually for the Christmas tree but tied or even stuck on a present they look so cute and also don't forget the candy canes, I picked up a pack of 20 for £1. 

Also, just a little idea, if you have a real Christmas tree cut off a little bit of the branch and wrap that in the ribbon. 

So easy and so cute. This bag was only £1 and I have filled these up with present for my nieces and nephews. 

This year I gave myself a £10 budget for Christmas present decorations as its been known in the past for me to spend more on the wrapping than on the gift. But it can be done. All my presents were wrapped and decorated with that money and I am so happy with how they look.

Be creative and enjoy it.

Happy present wrapping. 

Love Leeny

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