Day 4 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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D A Y    4  

I officially have 2 days left in the office and then its CHRISTMAS TIME. 

Now don't get me wrong the last two days have been FREEZING but I have to say that this winter I have not been as cold as previous years. 

Like, right now as I write this I have my ankles out (scandalous I know) and I am fine with that and officially not cold. 

So this winter so far the parka jacket has been safely locked away and still has to see the light of day. Instead I have been rocking my new favourite coat. 

I picked up this Burnt Orange Trench Coat from Dorothy Perkins at the beginning of November and I AM IN LOVE. Like seriously burnt orange who knew that was a colour and who knew it would suit me. 

Our local Dotty P's was closing down so all stock in the last few days was dirt cheap. This coat should of been £49.50 and I got it for £7. I KNOW, STOP PRESS. Lets all take a minute to re read that sentence. You heard me right. SEVEN POUNDS.

Now I know for a lot of you, you probably won't be able to get this coat for the same price but having worn it so much I think its worth the investment anyway. 

So today I want to share with you my favourite Winter Coat at the moment.

Get yourself ready for some mirror selfies!


So I love rocking this coat with this outfit at the moment. 

Dorothy Perkins Burnt Orange Jacket 
(This isn't the same but really similar)

So yeah, I am loving this coat ALOT. 
Like I said, even though its lightweight and not really a winter coat it has been perfect for this milder weather and also with a hat and a scarf you are good to go. 

So what if you go to winter look/coat you are rocking at the moment?

Love Leeny

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