Day 2 of the 12 Days till Christmas

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Its Day 2 and its OFFICIAL only 11 sleeps till Christmas.

So if you have just joined us today then here is the general jist of what is happening. 

I have been terrible at blogging. 
Missed Blogmas. 
Was going to do the 12 days of Christmas but apparently that is after Christmas. 
Decided to do the 12 Days till Christmas. (See what I did there)

Day 1 was yesterday and you can catch up on that here

Today is day 2 so welcome. 

Today's post is all about sharing with you the 6 things you need for the perfect festive film night in. 

So here we go... 


This could be a friend, your mum, boyfriend or even husband. I went for husband. Andrew loves nothing more than a chilled night in, plus it took no organising he was there so I he had to join in. But seriously, plan a date in your diary, get your friends around, pjs on and enjoy. 

Now hot chocolate is my favourite but my rule when it comes to it is, ALL or NOTHING. I mean you are either all in with all the trimmings or you might as well not bother. 
I am currently in love with the Whitards Hot Chocolate. This has to be the best hot chocolate I have tasted in forever. If done correctly with hot milk it is so yummy. Grab your self your favourite mug and create a Hot Chocolate bar. You need cream, flakes, marshmallows, candy canes and even matchmaker, uh huh you read right, matchmakers especially the mint ones. Forget the Costa mint hot chocolate grab yourself some mint matchmakers and get stiring. 

No festive night in is complete with out a festive candle burning away I means its all about the atmos isn't it. My favourite candles this time of the year are the Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane. Oh my, as I write this post now I have some burning and I can smell it round the house. As you can imagine its a very peppermint smell but so Christmassy and so yummy.

Now we all know that Christmas is the season to eat a ton of food isn't it so its only right that for a festive night in you grab yourself some treats. For me, my chosen festive snacks are Quality Street and Toblerone but white ones, oh and kinder festive friends and cheese and crackers. Ok I love all the treats. Now you don't need to go crazy but grab some treats and enjoy. 

(Lots of them)
For the perfect festive film night you need blankets and like I said the more the merrier. Grab all the blankets in your house and pillows as well I mean while you are at it you might as well make your own pillow palace. The word you need to remember when planning your Festive Film Night is COMFY. You need all the pillows, blankets, duvets just go crazy and get snuggerly.

Now the hardest job of all, its time to pick yourself a festive film. There is so many you can choose from and so many good ones out there. This time we chose Four Christmases but I mean I love them all. Arthur Christmas, Santa Clause, The Holiday (THE BEST), Home Alone, Elf the list is endless. Maybe you could stay up all night and watch them all or better still plan another festive film night or day.

So what are your must items for a festive film night in? I would love to know. 

Love Leeny

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