Day 1 of the 12 Days Till Christmas

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Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days Till Christmas.

abjfhafgjriuhfksfshfhsh (This is my excited noise)

So to start off the 12 Days Till Christmas in style I thought it was only right we started with a little festive house tour.

I love Christmas and all the decorations. I love nothing more that getting the house Christmas ready and this year the decorations were up in the middle of November. I know, I know, haters are going to hate, but I was so ill that putting the decorations up were the only thing that would make me happy.

All of our decorations are mainly in the living room apart from a few fairy lights around the mirror in the hall way. We only moved in 18 months ago and this is our second Christmas here so the decoration collection is slowly growing.

So here we have it.

I love this beautiful wreath that we have on the door into our living room. We picked it up from a local garden centre last year for £8 and I love it so much. It was too pretty to put outside

This little section of our living room is on top of our Ikea shelves, i love this little festive corner. Lots of our decorations we have picked up are from B&M or Ikea. So cheap but so pretty. 

Our beautiful tree. Last year we had a real tree so this year we decided to buy a fake one and gosh aren't they expensive things. I really love all the different decorations on our tree. 

Plus how organised am I with all those presents. I know its a lot but I had 34 people to buy for. 

I think you can change a room so much by adding simple things like Christmas cushions and blankets. I picked the blanket up from Primark and the cushions were from B&M for £5. 

If you have been around a while you will know that our coffee table changes with every season. This year I was lacking in ideas and inspirations so just went with this and seriously we have had so many compliments. 

Coming up in a blog post in a few days time is how to make this easy centre piece. 

I am so happy with how our living room looks this year. I love lighting all the candles, putting on the fairy lights and sitting on that sofa with a hot chocolate and Christmas film. 

So what decorations have you gone for this year? Have you even put your decs up yet?


Love Leeny

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