12 Days Till Christmas

by - 12:27

So yeah, its been a while hasn't it, but guess what. I am back and I have a post coming every day up until Christmas Eve, well hopefully.

So i've been gone a while and I am sorry but I have been so busy, I work in a church so as you can imagine Christmas and the run up is super busy but after a day off today and some planning I am so excited to introduce you to my '12 Days Till Christmas' series. 

Now the truth is I was going to call it the 12 days of Christmas but according to Google that is the 12 days after Christmas which I totally didn't realise, but you know you learn something new every day don't you. 

So over the next 12 days expect a lot of Christmassy love coming your way. Its going to be a proper festive affair. 

So, see you back here tomorrow at 7pm for the first of my '12 Days Till Christmas' post. 

Love Leeny

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