The Perfect Autumn Nail Varnish

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Autumn is here and I am buzzing for it so badly. 

The summer clothes have been put away and the jumpers and cardigans are out. I have replaced the fresh smelling candles with yummy pumpkin spiced smells and we have even filled up the log basket in our living room ready for some evenings in front of the fire watching netflix. 

Ahhhhhh Autumn oh how I have missed you. 

One thing that I have done is picked myself up a brand new autumn coloured nail varnish and I have to say that this one is fast becoming my favourite. 

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine nail varnish in Berries and Cream. Oh my.... look at it. 

So lets get down to it. 
7 Reasons why i love this Nail Polish.

1. The colour. This is the perfect colour for me and for autumn. 
2. It really is super shine. 
3. Its definitely dries super fast you will be surprised. 
4. One coat was enough.
5. Its cost £2.99 from Boots. 
6. The brush, its a one of those large fat brushes so it makes applying so much easier. 
7. Straight after painting my nails, I made brownies and chocolate chip muffins. I did a ton of washing up and they didn't chip or mess up.

So pretty. So what is your favourite autumnal nail varnish I would love to know?

Love Leeny

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