My Week Holiday

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Its Sunday night and tomorrow Andrew is heading back to work. We have had the best week off together and if I am being honest I am a tad sad it is all over, the only thing that is making up for it is the fact that we are watching Harry Potter with the fire one and tonight we are having Ikea meatballs for tea. I mean perfect lazy evening or what. 

This week we had so many ideas and plans but lets be honest not many of them happened and I spent a lot of my days colouring in and watching Miranda Sings new series on Netflix, so good, like seriously definitely head over and check it out. 

But during my breaks from coloring in and Netflix we did go on a ton of adventures. So here is what we got up to. 

A trip to the local farm for breakfast and to pick up some treats.

A day of jobs around the house. We made our garden winter ready which apparently according to Andrew involves cutting down every tree and plant so our garden looks like its been hit by a twister. After that we heading for ice cream and to pick pumpkins.

This has to be my favourite day by far, we went on a spa day. We spent hours swimming and in the wet suite and then had massages. Seriously it was so relaxing and so chilled out. 

I wasnt feeling 100% today so apart from binge watching The Mama Life on YouTube and speaking to a nice lady at Apple about my phone I didn't do much, i did how ever get myself on a little autumn walk for a few minutes before a storm came. 

A day of serious shopping. We clothes shopped, drank lots of coffee, ate our first ever Five Guys, got my phone fixed and spent a lot of money in Ikea. 

Today we had a proper homey day, like in our pjs till mid afternoon, fire one, lots of snacks consumed and a few loads of washing done. 

After a lie in we headed out for Sunday lunch and an afternoon walk. It was a pretty random day as usually I am in church all day so to not be doing that it blew my mind a bit. It was such a beautiful afternoon. 

And well that bring us to know, I am sat down on the sofa under by favourite blanket drinking Pepsi max and enjoying the fact my house smells like Christmas. 

Such a happy heart. This has been the best week. 

So there we have it. A little diary re cap of my week.

Love Leeny 

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