Bomber Jacket Love

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There everywhere, like everywhere. Even my brother has one, Mary Berry was rocking a flowery one on the Great British Bake Off and my niece had a tiny one that she wears with so much sass. 

That's right I am talking about the Bomber Jacket. 

I have been searching A LOT for the perfect Bomber Jacket and one that suits me. I tried on so many and was so surprised at how much, well lets me honest here, how I looked like a wolly in them but when I saw this one on Very I knew I needed to put in a little order and see what it would look like.

I love this jacket because to me its a super traditional Bomber Jacket. It is quite expensive at £45 but its so well made and is slightly padded and will definitely be the perfect jacket to wear as the weather changes. 

I love wearing my jacket with black skinny jeans and a oversized tshirt. I haven't tried to rock it any other ways at the moment but I am so excited for autumn to come so I can try and wear my new jacket in tons of new ways. 

So do you have a Bomber Jacket? How do you wear yours?

Love Leeny

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