7 Things That Prove I Am Adulting All Wrong

by - 13:17

I really don't think I am doing this adult thing right this week. I mean some weeks I surprise myself and have all my stuff together, you know one of those weeks where your hair is washed, you wear make up every day, you have breakfast every morning, go to bed at a reasonable time you know one of those weeks.

Well its fair to say that this week has not been a good week for adulting. This week I have failed and here is the proof. 

1. After buying a brand new duvet I have spent more time in my bed than anywhere else.
2. I sent some clothes to my mum to iron because lets be honest, I just couldn't be bothered to do it for people to say 'you need to iron your top' because I did it that bad.
3. I did some washing and forgot. That was 4 days ago and you will be glad to know that they are still in the washing machine, festering away. 
 4. The bin men came and picked up the rubbish on Monday. The bin is still at the bottom of the drive, its Friday. We even left the recycling box at the bottom of our shared path, after 5 days our neighbor brought it up for us.
5. I had biscuits for breakfast two days in a row.
6. I've had Greggs most day for lunch and Pizza or Pasta for tea because we have not done any food shopping and I would rather be in bed that go shopping. I mean Tesco does not seems appealing at the moment. 
7. The curtains in the house have not been open for 4 days.

So there we have it. 7 things to prove that I am failing at being an adult this week. 
Now lets me truthful, I can't be the only one, can i? Well I hope I am not. 

Anyway I better go and clean my house, when I say clean, I mean put all the 'Stuff' in one room and close the door and hope no one goes in there kind of clean. 

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