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About two years ago I went on a massive fitness/ healthy quest. I lost quite a lot of weight and was able to run 5k quite easily up to like, 4 times a week (Oh they were the days). 

But life happens doesn't it. 
The weather got warmer and I struggled to find a time to run where I didn't melt. Work got busier and well I just again didn't have time. But in the last two years every couple of months I dust off the running shoes and go for a run and one thing that I love is that I have that thing they call muscle memory and I can easily run a mile! Ok, ok it's not 5k but still it's a start.

Anyway, since I have been married I have put on around a stone and well if I'm being honest it's bothering me now so a month ago I decided to do something about it and move my bottom!

In that time I have lost half a stone and feel so much better in myself. So I decided that I wanted to share with you all the things that have helped me in the last month to get fit and to lose that weight. 


This was bought for me as a gift and  I have to say that this has been the biggest kick up the bum ever. If you don't know what a fitbit it basically records your steps, active minutes, calories burned and loads more. You can even track your food intake and water intake as well as keeping a track of your weight. 

Having the fitbit I was able to set myself goals for everyday that I wanted to achieve. After a few days I became obsessed with completing those goals and smashing them. There has been so many times I have found myself walking around the bedroom just to reach my 10,000 steps. I have also started walking to work so much more just so I can get my steps in. 

My Fitbit is linked to an app on my phone and every time I open those app it syncs with my fitbit. 


Like I mentioned above I have a Fitbit app that syncs with my fitbit but I also have a few other apps and what I have done is I have synced them all to my Fitbit (Which is one of the amazing reasons why I love it) this means that when ever I use any of those apps they are synced with my FitBit and sync all the information. 

Let me explain more. 
Runtastic: I use this app when I go for runs. It measures my distance, time, calories burned and average pace. Once I have completed the run it syncs all the information with My Fitness Pal. 

My Fitness Pal: This is the app I use to keep a record of what I am eating but also how much water I drink and how much I weigh. This app is synced with my runtastic app as well as my Fitbit this means that when I complete a run all the information from runtastic goes to My Fitness Pal and it records how many extra calories I can eat etc. From there is syncs all information to my fitbit.

Seriously technology is mad these days isn't it. 

I also have a Bounts app which gives me points for every time I exercise which I can then change the points for a gift voucher, ok I don't have many points and I could be here all year but still free money for moving my bottom. 

One thing that is always on our shopping list is water. We try and buy water every time we go to the shops because if it is flavoured and in a bottle and cold then I am more likely to drink it. You can get bottled water for so cheap these days so actually I don't mind spending £2 on 12 bottles of water. 

I have also bought myself a cute water bottle, I know I know how ridiculous but if I have to exercise I at least want to have something pretty to re hydrate from.

I wanted to not only get fit but also to lose some weight. This meant that I needed to start eating less which if I am being honest is my problem, I EAT TO MUCH FOOD.

One thing that has changed everything is I have started planning my meals. Like every meal. I have it written down in my planner and tick it off once I have had it. There is something satisfying about crossing it off a list. 

Andrew and I have started running together this time which I think has helped a lot. We book in at the beginning of the week when we are going to go for a run and we stick to it. Now don't get me wrong there has been times when I have NOT wanted to go but I have had Andrew to kick me up the bum and make me go and this has happened the other way round. If I didn't have him encouraging me to go for a run then truth being told I will still be sat on the sofa eating cookies. So find a friend and book in those runs and make sure you stick to it. 

Well, there we have it the 5 things that have helped me to get fit and healthy in the last month. Now I am no where near being where I want to be but I have started and that is something I need to remember.

So have you got any tips for me or even any motivation to keep me going? I would love to know. 

Love Leeny

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  1. This is so great! I use both my fitness pal and fitbit and I find them both to be extremely helpful in keeping me motivated :) Keep up the great work!

    I just started following you on bloglovin and I love your blog! I would love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

  2. I work as a receptionist in a gym part time and all of the personal trainers keep saying that you don't necessarily have to eat less to lose weight, just more of the right things and exercise.

    I also have the same problem, being that I eat too much and too much of what's bad of me so recently I've tried swapping the chocolate and biscuits for healthy snacks such as a fruity yogurt or mini peppers stuffed with tuna and veg (delicious FYI!). Don't get me wrong, I'm still eating chocolate like there's no tomorrow but I'm slowly getting into the habit of better eating habits. It just doesn't help that there's always biscuits somewhere at work and a whole kitchen drawer full of chocolate and crisps at home!

    FitBits are so handy! I find myself walking around so much more so I can get my 250 steps an hour as well as my 10,000 steps a day because of it. I've also been using My Fitness Pal for years as well! I don't like getting those reminders saying that I've haven't logged for x amount of days and it's become force of habit now to track my food intake now.