August Memories

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Lets just take a moment to talk about how fast the summer has gone. I mean last time I checked it was July and I was so excited for the summer and to do loads of summery things, and now its gone, just over. August is slowly becoming a distant memory and I can already spell autumn. 

September is just around the corner and life is slowly going back to normal. After a months break from blogging and also social media (I deleted facebook and only used it for work) I thought we were well over a due a little catch up. 

So here's what I got up to over August. 

Now you know I love the seaside so on the 1st August along with family we headed for a day at the beach. We wondered around the town, ate a picnic on the beach, played in the sand, jumped waves and then spent a fortune on 2p machines. 

Over the summer we finished all those little jobs around the house that we keep putting off. We now have a finished dining room and a crazy wallpapered wall in out hall. I just love it, Andrew not so.

Throughout the summer it has been so good to catch up with friends and go on adventures. I have drove for miles, taken so many pictures, explored new places and drank a lot of coffee

Throughout August Andrew and I have well and truly got the running bug. We have been running so many time and I HAVE LOVED IT. We live in such a beautiful place so its been so nice over August to get out and enjoy the beautiful town we live in but also get fit at the same time.

So there we have it. August at its finest. We have had a relaxing month filled with not a lot, but I think we needed it and we felt so much better for it.  

So what have you been up to this August, I would love to know?

Love Leeny

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