That Denim Dress

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So they are everywhere at the moment aren't they, a quick search on Pinterest 'denim dress' and there is picture after picture of girls rocking denim dresses with stripes and red lips and cold shoulder tops and oh my it's just heaven isn't it! 

I love denim dresses, well actually I love denim skirts and shirts and well I love jeans. My name is Colleen and I love denim, it's official and I am not afraid to tell the world. 

The search for the perfect denim dress took my on quite the search as being well, not skinny and a little more fuller than the average lady I needed to find the perfect one that would work the best for me. 

When I stumbled across this denim dress from Very I was so excited to try the damn thing on. The dress when I bought it was £35 but is currently in the sale for £24.50, what a steal.  

This dress has a gold chunky zip that zips from the top to the bottom which is a tad daring but let's be honest, who would really come up to me and pull the zip down???!?! 

The straps are thick which is great especially if you wanted to rock it with out a top. The dress comes slightly in at the waist with a small band that goes round, it then slightly goes out skimming over those hips and the straight down. I do find this shape of this dress super flattering. 

One massive win for me is the fact that this dress has pockets. Dresses and skirts with pockets are the best, find me the beauty who invented that as I want to kiss there faces.

This denim is not to cardboard like, do you know what I mean? There is a lot of movement in the fabric which is so good for me, there is nothing worse than that thick rigid denim where you more like shuffle that walk.

There are tons of ways we can wear a denim dress but for me I love wearing mine with a cold shoulder top, rose gold necklace, bright red lipstick, a bit of a tan on those legs and some flip flops.

So do you have a denim dress? How do you like to rock yours? Also if you do pick up this dress from Very then let me know, I would love to know your thoughts. 

Love Leeny

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