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So if you saw my post yesterday you would of seen that Andrew and I were invited to a wedding in London, instead of heading down for the day we decided to make an adventure of it, first stop on the tour was Brighton, actually I was wrong it was Watford where we stopped at a service station and bumped into my old maths teacher from school, weird! Anyway where were we, to see what we got up to in Brighton then make sure you check out my post from yesterday.

On the Friday we spent the day in London. I have to say that considering we are two people from the countryside where a bus only comes through town ever hour, we nailed the tube system thingy amazingly! We walked everywhere and saw so many sights, the weather was lame and I was in flipflops which caused a few hilarious falls but you know, I got myself back up again and it was fine, I mean no one in London knows me right?

I loved being a tourist for the day and here is London through a lens.

I have only ever been to London twice and I just love it so much, having lived in Liverpool for 4 years there is something I love about city life. I love the lights, colours, the hustle and bustle and just the fact that you do not know what you are going to find when you walk around a corner.

London you were so good to us and I loved getting to know you a bit more.

There is one thing that you do need to improve and that is your train service, man, 45 minutes I sat on a train in Victoria Station waiting to leave as there was no conductor, but don't worry I had a lovely conversation with a drunk man about rainbows which was so pleasant. 

Till next time London. 

Love Leeny

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  1. What a memorable experience of you :D

    I am doing blogwalking Cheers.

    1. It was brilliant! :) thanks for your comment ❤️

  2. You have amazing photography skills, like seriously! Looks like you had a good time in London and I abs love your attitude "no-one in London knows me right?" I moved to London for Uni and I'm always going weird and wonderful stuff and if one of my friends is like omd stop I always always say "no one knows me here" and it's so true! Waiting for 45 mins is really bad though, but atleast you didn't let it ruin your day! Great post, navigating my way round your blog and I really do like what I see☺️ Excited to read more Xx

    1. I love taking pictures and I'm really trying to make more effort to take pictures just for fun! Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it. Hope you like my blog ❤️