Brighton with my Favourite

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The first weekend in July Andrew and I had a wedding in London and instead of just heading down for the day we decided to turn it into the ULTIMATE adventure. Now if you know me I love a good road trip so I was sold straight away, there was no need to convince me to sit in a car for 5 hours and spend the majority of the time on the M25.

We left on the Thursday and headed to Brighton where we spent the majority of our time on the 2p machines, trying to win mini minions dressed in super heroes, no joke, we won 3. They are currently sat on the shelf in my living room, pride of place, they definitely go with our interiors so well. 

After that we headed to The Lanes and wandered around the little alleys and stopping off in all the cute shops. We soon became distracted and headed to Nandos, I could just smell the Halloumi and lemon herb wrap from a mile away.

This milkshake OH MY WORD!

Brighton really was amazing, even more amazing because it had Oliver Bonas, oh my that shop. I picked my self up a wire letter W which Andrew says is a unnecessary purchase, I strongly disagree. 

Brighton was beautiful and I am glad that we got to see it on our weekend in the south!

Tomorrow find out what we got up to in London. 

Love Leeny

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