Starting a Bullet Journal #2

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Hello Lovely Ones. 

So for those who don't or who didn't see my last post I want to start a bullet journal. To just catch up and see what the deal is then head over and check out this post, it explains all about what a bullet journal is and what my plans are this month before I start my first one in July. Just to remind you though hopefully every week I will post a 'Starting a Bullet Journal' blog filling you in with what I have done so far and what I am planning on doing next. Feel free to join me and fill me in with what you are doing. 

In the last few days I have been watching so many videos on Bullet Journals and today I wanted to share with you some of those videos.

I have loved these videos and found them super helpful.

2016 Bullet Journal Set Up // Amanda Krutsick

From watching these videos and many others I have now started to collate a list of things that I want to cover in my bullet journal this list is made up of things that I have stolen from these videos and just stuff that I think I need to help me be more productive and better organised. 

Now that I know what I want to include and cover I want to start looking at designs and ways that people have set out there bullet journals. I also want to create some sort of index order plan. 

So I will see you next week to share with you what I have found and what I am loving. Again if you have found any good YouTube videos then send me the links I would love to check them out.

Happy Bullet Journalling. 

Love Leeny

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