Starting a Bullet Journal #1

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So I am a huge planner lover and the truth is I am never too far from my faithful spotty Filofax from Paperchase, I love nothing more than spending an evening planning and writing down all I need to do in the week to come and also purchasing stickers for said planner.

Its official, I am a 28 year old girl who loves stickers, especially Dorkface stickers that you can pick up from her etsy store here.

But more recently I am becoming more and more obsessed with Bullet Journals. For those who don’t know what a bullet journal is it is basically a notebook that holds everything, your diary, your expenses, monthly plans, dreams, wish list, shopping list, meal plans LITERALLY anything you can imagine and the great thing about it is that you can design it, decorate it and personalise it how you want. This video explains it so much better

The great thing about bullet journals is that you can use any notebook. There are notebooks out there that are suggested to use but with the bullet journal you can use any you like so I picked myself up this notepad from home bargains for 99p and these snazzy (Did I just use the word snazzy?!) pens from the pound shop.

My plan is that this month I will research, plan and set up my bullet journal all ready to go for July and I thought you know what why not take you guys along with me on the bullet journal journey and maybe you can share with me your ideas as well. 

So this is the plan...

*Watch A LOT of Bullet Journal videos on YouTube
*Pinterest Bullet Journals
*Start to collate and write down ideas for pages
*Plan index and page order
*Practice doodles and designs

So maybe you are like me and fancy starting a Bullet Journal, if so why not join me this month in all the plans and preparations for starting my Bullet Journal in July. The plan is, is that I will post a post every week about my bullet journal journey and where I am up to. Make sure you check back every week to find out what I am up to. 

If you know of any good links or ideas then send them my way I would love to know your ideas. 

Have a good one. 
Love Leeny

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