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So I haven't been blogging for long but in that time I have found some apps that have helped me so much when it comes to blogging and sharing my blogs on social media.

So here we have it, my top 7 apps that have been super helpful in finding my blogging feet.

On my phone I have my Leeny Loves folder and in there is all of my blogging apps. All these apps are available on the app store for iPhones or iPads i am not sure if they are available for any other devices.

I love Bloglovin. For those who don't know bloglovin is a place where you can follow all of your favourite bloggers and every time they upload a new post it goes into 'My Feed' so I can scroll up and down and check out every ones latest post. From there I can like post, share them or even save them to a collection I have, I have a collection of bullet journal collection, blogging and a food collection.

This is an app where I can link photos from my phone to the computer without having to send them or email them. When you open up the app it will give you a website URL that you type into the browser bar when you are online. From there it will upload all the pictures from your phone. You can then click and select the ones you want and save them to your computer.
This is perfect for when you take pictures on your phone that you need to add to posts.

My blog is through blogger so having this app works amazing for me. When you open the app you are met with 4 icons. Posts, New Post, View Blog and Settings. From here you can write posts, look at past post. I have found this super helpful and handy when I am on the go to write posts and even edit them if I have noticed a spelling mistake etc.

This is the app I use to schedule my tweets to twitter. The thing I love about this app is that you can publish the tweet for a certain time and date, you can publish it straight away or even publish at the best time. You then have a timeline of all your scheduled tweets for the day.

Bitly is the app I use for shortening my blog links. I head to safari on my phone and load the new blog post. I copy the post and then head to BITLY where it saves the link and shortens it. I then copy the link and head to publish to schedule my tweets or twitter to post about my new blog. When people see my tweets they can then click on the shortened link and head straight to my blog.

I have created my own app here of the blogger website. I head to safari and then loaded blogger and opened the full webpage. From there I saved this to my homepage. I like having this app just so that I can head straight to the webpage and check out the statistics on my blogger page.

Being honest I am still trying to get my head around this app and I am sure that you will be able to help me out on this more. Google analytics help me to get a better time at who is reading my blog, when and for how long. I am still trying to work it out but yeah, this is definitely an app that I would recommend.

So there we have it the 7 apps that I am loving when it comes to blogging, I also love Instagram and Twitter but who doesn't. Do you have any apps that you find helpful that I should try out?

I would definitely love to know.

Have a great day.

Love Leeny

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