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Last week I posted in my June Goals that I wanted to be more spontaneous this month and well it has started. Monday is my day off and this week I spent the whole of the day on my own which sometimes I need and want but sometimes being on my own is not always a good idea and today was one of those days. 

I was feeling a bit emosh and well having a day at home doing mundane boring jobs did not help me to get out of the funk that I seem to have found myself in. I found myself literally counting down the hours till Andrew cam home so I could just have some company and not be on my own. But you see it was a long day and by the time he got home I was passed it and not in a good mood at all. 

But you see I have married so well and as soon as Andrew got home he could see that I needed a distraction and to get me out the house and that is what he did. 

The sun was shining and town was filled with people enjoying the last of the weather. People were sat outside pubs, there was families sat on benches eating fish and chips and there was just a laughter in the air that I hadn't heard for such a long time. 

We headed straight to Costa to try out there summer menu and I got my self a mint chocolate cooler and I have to say I felt so sick by the end of it but OH MY word it tastes so good and was exactly what I needed.

With our Costa in hand we headed for a walk around the castle in our town. The thing I love about where we live is that there are so many amazing places to walk and so many amazing views for us to enjoy. We wandered around town and as we bumped into other people enjoying the sun people stopped and said hi even though we didn't know who they were, its true what they say, the weather puts people in the best mood.

I sat on a bench with Andrew and we chatted and he listened to me moan A LOT, he is honestly the best husband and I love how he gets me and understands me so much. We wandered around town enjoying the sun and chatting about our plans for the week.

 As we walked past the fish and chips shop we smelt the smell. You know that smell of fish and chips and once I had smelt it there was no going back. We had to get fish and chips, well cod bites and chips and they were so yummy. We headed to the river and parked up and ate our tea in the car listening to the sound of people playing in the river.

There is something about being outside and being in the sun that is so good for my soul I just need to remember it. I loved this night so much. I loved that we hadn't planned it and it was spontaneous and it really was wonderful.

So here is my challenge to you.
Go outside.
Sit on a bench and chat with a friend.
Eat fish and chips by the sea or the river.
Go for a walk.


Hope you enjoyed having a peek at my Monday.
What did you all get up to.

Love Leeny

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  1. Thanks colleen now I want fish & chips. Problem is, Germany is not England and I haven't found good fish & chips here,at least not the British kind. Should I be spontaneous and come over for a quick visit? I wish I could. :D and I hate those lonely days as well. Boo for not knowing a lot of people around here :(
    I hope you have a great day! Xx

    1. You probably know who I am but pressed enter before writing my name: D xx Annie