Bedside Table Essentials

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Sat here now I am looking at my bedside table thinking I'm doing a whole post on the beauty/bedtime essentials that are on there and let's be honest it's definitely not blog ready it's more in need of a good clean. 

Amongst the empty water bottles, odd pack of paracetamol, earrings with no backs and discarded hair grips are my bedtime and beauty essentials.

So picture this with me, It's the end of the day, the face has been cleansed and toned, pjs are on, YouTube is set up on my iPad and Andrew is locking up the house, turning off the lights and making me a drink (he is a good one) now there are just some things that I have right next to me on my bedside table that I would say are essential for me and for a good night sleep and also for my skin. 

So here they are.

I can not live with out this eye cream. Seriously. I know it has had mixed reviews but I love it so much and have definitely noticed a difference with the skin under my eye. Just before I go to sleep or even sometimes in the morning I just squeeze some cream on my finger and massage it under my eyes. I have been using this now for around 4 months and in that time I have noticed a difference with the brightness of my eyes and also the feel of my skin.

I picked this serum up from Aldi and although the instructions say to start using this when your are 30 I just decided to start using this now and it is amazing. I love the packaging and the pipet that you use for the serum. The serum is a thick consistency and definitely leaves my skin feeling luxurious and so moisturised. I always make sure I do this on an evening and on a morning if I am having a no make up day and it definitely makes my skin feel brighter. Definitely worth a try as it is so cheap and definitely won't break the bank.

I always like to have some lip balm on my bed side table just to pop on my lips on a morning or just before bed. 

Another bedtime essential is my little tub of righteous butter. I love Soap and Glory and I love these little travel size tubs. I use this moisturiser for everything. Most night I just like to have this to put on any dry patches especially my knees and elbows. I don't use it every night but its always good to have there just in case I need it. 

Now this is the biggest must have. I have been using this now for around 3 months and honestly I have noticed a difference in my sleep. All I do is spray it on my pillow as soon as I get to bed, sometimes before I clean my face I then have a potter and by the time I have got into bed it has settled into my pillow and ready to go. I am not a good sleeper at all but since using this it has helped me so much to get off to sleep faster. The mixture of the smells and the aroma honestly makes me so sleepy and sends me off into a deep sleep. I can not recommend pillow mist any more. If you struggle to get to sleep then definitely try one. 

So there we have it. My Bedside Table Essentials. So what is on your bedside table? I would love to know. 

Enjoy the sunshine. 
Love Leeny. 


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