My Month Off!

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It wasn't intended. To be honest I am not quite sure where the time has gone but yeah, a whole month off blogging. At first I was bothered and woke up everyday thinking I NEED TO BLOG but then after a while I thought you know what, no biggy. I know its good to keep to a schedule but I struggle to keep to my normal working life schedule so keeping to a blogging schedule is probably not going to happen.

So yeah, lets throw it out there I have been gone for a while and I am ok with that but I am sorry if you have missed me. 

But just to fill you in with all that has been going on, here is what has been happening in my life lately. 

The last month has probably been one of the best. Why... Well this is why. 


This month we headed a way for a week on holiday with Andrews parents. There is a post coming soon with more pictures of it but all I can say is it was honestly the best. The weather was amazing and we had a hot tub just outside our door. UNREAL. 

One thing I have loved about the last month is I feel like I have spent lots of time with my family enjoying Easter holidays and ice cream or having family around for cake and tea. It's been a good family focused month! 

So Penrith, so for those who don't know I am a children's worker for a church and this month we launched our 3rd location of church in Penrith so in the last few weeks I have spent so much time in this beautiful town falling in love with it! 

So yeah, there we have it my life lately! 

It's so nice to be blogging again and be sharing with you all everything that is going on and I have some exciting posts in store so keep heading back to see what is going on.

Enjoy your Tuesday! 

Love Leeny 

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