Holiday in the Lakes

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At the end of April along with Andrew and his parents we headed off to the Lakes for 5 days in a little wooden lodge in the woods. 

We booked our holiday through Hoseasons and it was so easy to book, we just popped in all the details of where we wanted to go, how many there was of us and what date we wanted to leave. I then spent hours trailing through the endless places we could go and we finally chose the beautiful Brockwood Hall Lodges.

One thing that pulled us in and made us choose this place was the gorgeous wooden chalets we stayed in. We were in Thirlmere and it was set up high and looked like a little tree house. 

But I have to say that the biggest reason why we chose this was because there was a hot tub on the balcony just outside the back door. I spent so much time in there and occasionally Mr W would pop out and bring me a drink and a snack. 

The holiday for us was all about chilling and that is exactly what we did. We sat in the hot tub, played board games, ate lots of food, swam in the swimming pool and explored cute little towns in the area. 

Anyway, instead of me going on about it take a look at these pictures and hopefully they will show you a bit more about our holiday!

So there we have it our little holiday in the lakes. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Love Leeny

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