How To: Gel Nails

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So as you saw from my last Currently Loving I got a Mylee Gel UV Lamp for Christmas. 

So here is my HOW TO guide on how to get the best Gel Nails at home. 

 UV Lamp
Soak Off Base Coat
Soak Off Top Coat
Gel Nail Varnish
Cotton Wool Pads
Nail Varnish Remover
Nail File
Nail Clippers
Cuticle Pusher
Hand Cream

To start you need to clean up those nails. Take off all nail varnish, file them down, push those cuticles back (I secretly love that job.) Once you have done that make sure you wash your hands so they are as clean and as ready to go as can be. 
Its so important to take some time to make sure you nails are prepared. The better prepared and ready they are means the Gel could last so much longer. Also make sure there are no sharp bits, knicks or sharp edges. If you have these it means it may get caught on something and the nail varnish may chip. 
So pop on some Netflix and get those nails ready.

Now its time to paint those nails. First you need to paint your nails with one coat of the Soak Off Base Coat. Once you have pop it into the UV Lamp making sure you don't touch the bulbs. Flick the switch on the lamp onto timer and when you are ready press the timer buttons and wait. Remember your nail will be tacky so just don't be doing to much. 
Move on to the second hand. 

Now its time to pick a colour. Paint on the first coat of the colour gel nail varnish and pop in the UV lamp. Do one hand at a time. You may need to make the call but you will probably need to do a second coat of colour. So again, one hand at a time, paint those nails. Try and be careful when you paint your nails how close you go to the skin, if the varnish is on the skin it may mean again it might get caught and peel off. 

Nearly done now. Take the Soak Off Top Coat and paint a layer on your nails and pop it into the UV lamp. Remember one hand at a time. 

You are done. BUT.... The nails will still be tacky so grab a cotton pad with a little bit of nail varnish on and wipe it over all the nails. This will take off the tacky top layer and make them ready to go. Also one thing I do is always put on hand cream, I don't know if it is all the UV light or just the nail varnish etc but I always fell my hands are a tad dry after so get your favourite hand cream and give them a good moisturise and then you are DEFINITELY ready to go now. 

Now its time to find the perfect outfit to match those new nails. 


I have picked up a few from eBay and they have been pretty cheap and cheerful but have done the job. They also have so many colours for only 99p each. It takes a while to arrives as they are from Japan but they have been perfect and worked well for me. 

These are a little more exspensive but so worth it. I couldn't recommend the Bluesky Nail Varnish any more. It is amazing and so many pretty colours. 

If you have any recommendations for good gel nail varnish let me know. 

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  1. I love gel nails, try the brand Daisy. You can get them off Ebay or Amazon and they have so many colours x

    1. Sorry for the late reply I have been on a blogging break!
      Daisy I have never heard of it but I will definitely go and check it out!

  2. Love the colour you chose! I really want to get a UV lamp, my nails never grow so I always rely on gel XX

    The Fashion Road

    1. I am so sorry for the late reply! I've been on a blogging break. Gel nails are the best and like you said they make my nails grow soooo much!