Cath Kidston Haul

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So, Mondays are my day off and with it being the Easter Holidays I decided with my mummy, sister and nieces to head to the beautiful city of York for a day of adventure and shopping of course. 

We wandered around the shops, drunk coffee and ate cakes, we ate lots of yummy pizza, chatted and spent a lot of our time sheltering from the rain. 

Now, no trip to York is complete without a trip to the amazing Cath Kidston store. I WAS SO EXCITED and I heard they had there self a sale section. 

I wish I was a millionaire and could buy it all I mean the prints, the clothes, the bags, the oilcloth and mobile phone covers. OH MY. Now I didn't have a lot of money to spend but I had some so here is what I picked myself up.

 So here we have it my Cath Kidston sale haul. I JUST LOVE IT ALL. My husband on the other hand does not understand my need for another make up bag and iPad cover but you know a girl needs what a girl needs. 

*The sale is still online and I have tried to link as many things as I can but some of the patterns aren't the same but still equally beautiful, but seriously the sale is amazing so if you fancy a little splurge click here.

I love this beautiful print and well I am very much in need of a new makeup bag and when I saw this I could not say no. I suppose you could use this for many things. 

I couldn't say no to this, I mean £20 of iPad case. I just love it, its so handy that it has the hook on the back so I can prop it up so I can watch all my youtube and netflix on it. 

I don't need this at all. I mean we have a Cath Kidston oven glove and we don't use it for anything else but decoration, so the likely hoods of using this are slim but either way its pretty! :)

I am a firm believer that no trip to Cath is complete without a mug and today was no exception. I love this print so much and already have one similar so this will be perfect to add to the collection.

Oh look another mug. I mean why not. I picked up this one in blue hoping Mr W will appreciate it a bit more. But nope, he didn't.

So there we have it my mini Cath Kidston haul. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up and you can grab yourself a bargain or two in the sale, if you do let me know. 

So is there anything from Cath Kidston that you love, do you own anything from there?

Love Leeny

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  1. Ahhh. I love Cath Kidston!
    The mugs are adorable! :)
    Sarah xx

    1. I know. I have so many cups. My husband hates it! :) Thanks for commenting. xx