Friday, 8 April 2016

How To: Gel Nails

So as you saw from my last Currently Loving I got a Mylee Gel UV Lamp for Christmas. 

So here is my HOW TO guide on how to get the best Gel Nails at home. 

 UV Lamp
Soak Off Base Coat
Soak Off Top Coat
Gel Nail Varnish
Cotton Wool Pads
Nail Varnish Remover
Nail File
Nail Clippers
Cuticle Pusher
Hand Cream

To start you need to clean up those nails. Take off all nail varnish, file them down, push those cuticles back (I secretly love that job.) Once you have done that make sure you wash your hands so they are as clean and as ready to go as can be. 
Its so important to take some time to make sure you nails are prepared. The better prepared and ready they are means the Gel could last so much longer. Also make sure there are no sharp bits, knicks or sharp edges. If you have these it means it may get caught on something and the nail varnish may chip. 
So pop on some Netflix and get those nails ready.

Now its time to paint those nails. First you need to paint your nails with one coat of the Soak Off Base Coat. Once you have pop it into the UV Lamp making sure you don't touch the bulbs. Flick the switch on the lamp onto timer and when you are ready press the timer buttons and wait. Remember your nail will be tacky so just don't be doing to much. 
Move on to the second hand. 

Now its time to pick a colour. Paint on the first coat of the colour gel nail varnish and pop in the UV lamp. Do one hand at a time. You may need to make the call but you will probably need to do a second coat of colour. So again, one hand at a time, paint those nails. Try and be careful when you paint your nails how close you go to the skin, if the varnish is on the skin it may mean again it might get caught and peel off. 

Nearly done now. Take the Soak Off Top Coat and paint a layer on your nails and pop it into the UV lamp. Remember one hand at a time. 

You are done. BUT.... The nails will still be tacky so grab a cotton pad with a little bit of nail varnish on and wipe it over all the nails. This will take off the tacky top layer and make them ready to go. Also one thing I do is always put on hand cream, I don't know if it is all the UV light or just the nail varnish etc but I always fell my hands are a tad dry after so get your favourite hand cream and give them a good moisturise and then you are DEFINITELY ready to go now. 

Now its time to find the perfect outfit to match those new nails. 


I have picked up a few from eBay and they have been pretty cheap and cheerful but have done the job. They also have so many colours for only 99p each. It takes a while to arrives as they are from Japan but they have been perfect and worked well for me. 

These are a little more exspensive but so worth it. I couldn't recommend the Bluesky Nail Varnish any more. It is amazing and so many pretty colours. 

If you have any recommendations for good gel nail varnish let me know. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cath Kidston Haul

So, Mondays are my day off and with it being the Easter Holidays I decided with my mummy, sister and nieces to head to the beautiful city of York for a day of adventure and shopping of course. 

We wandered around the shops, drunk coffee and ate cakes, we ate lots of yummy pizza, chatted and spent a lot of our time sheltering from the rain. 

Now, no trip to York is complete without a trip to the amazing Cath Kidston store. I WAS SO EXCITED and I heard they had there self a sale section. 

I wish I was a millionaire and could buy it all I mean the prints, the clothes, the bags, the oilcloth and mobile phone covers. OH MY. Now I didn't have a lot of money to spend but I had some so here is what I picked myself up.

 So here we have it my Cath Kidston sale haul. I JUST LOVE IT ALL. My husband on the other hand does not understand my need for another make up bag and iPad cover but you know a girl needs what a girl needs. 

*The sale is still online and I have tried to link as many things as I can but some of the patterns aren't the same but still equally beautiful, but seriously the sale is amazing so if you fancy a little splurge click here.

I love this beautiful print and well I am very much in need of a new makeup bag and when I saw this I could not say no. I suppose you could use this for many things. 

I couldn't say no to this, I mean £20 of iPad case. I just love it, its so handy that it has the hook on the back so I can prop it up so I can watch all my youtube and netflix on it. 

I don't need this at all. I mean we have a Cath Kidston oven glove and we don't use it for anything else but decoration, so the likely hoods of using this are slim but either way its pretty! :)

I am a firm believer that no trip to Cath is complete without a mug and today was no exception. I love this print so much and already have one similar so this will be perfect to add to the collection.

Oh look another mug. I mean why not. I picked up this one in blue hoping Mr W will appreciate it a bit more. But nope, he didn't.

So there we have it my mini Cath Kidston haul. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up and you can grab yourself a bargain or two in the sale, if you do let me know. 

So is there anything from Cath Kidston that you love, do you own anything from there?

Love Leeny

Monday, 4 April 2016

Step into my Week #1


I hope you have all had an amazing week and excited for the week ahead and all it can hold, I mean the possibilities are endless.

This post is all about you lovely lot stepping into my week (LITERALLY.) Everyday this week I have taken a picture that pretty much sums up my day with my feet in because if you have known me for any period of time you will know how much I love a good shoe shot. 

The problem with this post is that it has only reaffirmed two things to me... 

1. I need to re paint my to toe nails after a FULL on week of decorating!
2. I need to wear something other than those flipping red shoes. 

So lets step into my week and see what I got up to. 

So Monday was all about finishing up those 'jobs around the house' if you read my Easter Weekend post you will see how I was so not a fan of a weekend of DIY and decorating but I did it to be the good wife that I am. I woke up so sleepy on Monday and apologised to Andrew straight away in advance for all my mood/attitude/grumpiness that was to follow as I was EXHAUSTED. 
But the boy did so good and went out and got me a Costa to make all that decorating so much bare-able, what a sweetheart. I married so well. We spent the evening with my family eating yummy food. 

Today was back to work day and I was so excited to have a productive day and that is what I had. I was so glad I was in an office on my own as if this is what my desk looked like image what the rest of the office looked like. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the mess of decorating. 

Today I got my hair cut, have you seen my new hair?? I then spent the rest of the day just work work working. Half terms and holidays are such a quiet time for me at church which is sad as I miss all the hustle and bustle of the different events but it means that I have some time to just catch up and plan a head and that is what I did today. But the exciting news of the day is that we got this lovely new rug for our office, I know, I know so much exciting for one girl to handle. 


Today was just a busy day full of lot of work but the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day so on the way home I walked the long way back to the car and picked myself up a Hot Chocolate and enjoyed the beautiful sun. I then spent the night on the sofa refusing to move, no lie.

Friday night we headed to Nandos for a friends birthday and it was amazing I JUST LOVE NANDOS so much. After that we headed home where I chilled hard. I popped on the Bambi pjs and just sat in from of the TV and did nothing but finish off the left over Easter eggs. To me that is the perfect Friday night.

 Saturday was such a busy day. I spent the morning sorting after our weekend of decorating which was a PAIN. I then headed to my best friends little girls 1st birthday where I am way to much party food and cake. After that I headed home and put my A level Textiles to good use and made some curtains for our dining room. We had tea and Andrews parents and then I crashed.

 Sunday is always my favourite but busiest day of the week but this week it was so much more busier. We both spent the morning in Kids Church where we watched the Minion movie and ate a lot of popcorn. After that we headed to a christening in another town near to us. After the christening we headed to our second location of church to get ready for an evening in church. It was such an amazing day and so much fun but exhausting. 
I just love Sundays. 

So there we have it. Thanks for stepping into my week. 

So what have you all been up to this week?

Love Leeny

Friday, 1 April 2016

My eBay Wish List & Top Tips

Now, Leeny Loves is all about sharing with you some of things I am loving in my life and today I wanted to share one of them with you. 

I love eBay. I mean I really love it, if I see something on a website or in a shop I will head straight to eBay to see if I can find it any cheaper and yeah, 9 times out of 10 you can't find it but there is always that chance that you will and as long as you are willing to wait for the delivery and also if you have the patience to get stuck into a bidding war it can be yours for next to nothing. 

When I was ill in December and off work for a few weeks I became OBSESSED with eBay I spent days just outbidding people, it became an addiction I am sure of it. I remember ending up with about 5 phone cases because I couldn't resist the 99p price label on them and a brand new TopShop bag for £7 and it should of been £70 I mean HELLO.

At the moment my watch list is overflowing with so many lovely and beautiful things that I just need and want, so today's post is dedicated to all those things and sharing with you what is on my eBay wish list this month. 


So as you can see only a few things on my wish list. But I just love all these things so much. 

I have bought A LOT of things off eBay especially clothes. Sometimes it is exactly what it looks like on the screen but sometimes it isn't and I have received size 18 tops wouldn't even fit my friends toddler. So yeah you could say I have learnt a lot.

 So here are just a few things to remember if you are buying clothes off eBay. 

Many of these items are from China and there sizing are different, our LARGE is different to there LARGE. Check the sizing and even then it is sometimes a gamble. 

You may be waiting for some items to arrive for 4 weeks so think a head, if you need an item for next week and you order it today there may be a chance it won't arrive. 

None of these items cost over £10 which I think is amazing as if they look as good as they do in the pictures I have got myself a bargain. If you do receive something and it doesn't match the expectation that you had remember you didn't really pay that much for them. I mean we have all seen the eBay 'Expectations VS Reality' haven't we.

When I buy clothes off eBay I check the review as you can gage the quality, wait and sizing by what people say also its nice to give some feedback isn't it???

So there we have it. My eBay wish list and top tips Let me know what you love and what is on your eBay wish list??

Right, now to go and find some things to sell so I can buy all of these things.

Love Leeny