Wedding on a Budget

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Saturday 11th July 2015, I married the most amazing man ever.
He is honestly the best thing and life with him is BEYOND exciting.
I can not believe it has nearly been a year! 

Andrew and I got engaged in November 2014 but we didn’t start any wedding plans till the January 2015 so we planned and organised our wedding in 6 months.

What a 6 months.

You see, we didn’t just plan and organise the wedding we also bought a house, he moved out and then after the wedding I moved in.

If you have ever met Andrew and I you will know that he is beyond chilled and relaxed and I love anything cute and to have fun. So here we have the theme for our wedding.
Fun, cute and relaxed.
We decided on a Village Fete themed wedding, with BBQ, games and lots of cakes.

We did our wedding on a super tight budget and throughout the whole process we picked up some tips on planning a wedding creatively and also by not spending too much money. So here we have my top 5 tips for planning a wedding and not spending a FORTUNE.

To me there were just some things that I wasn't to bothered about so instead of stressing about them and spending a fortune on it I just didn't bother. I was quite happy to do my own make up, hair and I was not bothered about having nice cars. Now I have an amazing family who organised as a surprise for me to get my hair done and to have a cute vintage car which I am so thankful for, but there was just some things I didn't care about. Don't waste money on things you don't care to much for and save it for the things you do. Sit down with your husband to be and make a list or what is important to you and what can you skimp on.

If you can borrow it, borrow it. If someone is giving something away and you think it will fit in your wedding then do it. If a friend got married and is sat on a ton of wedding decorations then ask if you can borrow it. You will be surprised at what people have and what people are will to do to help. My friends were amazing and one of them made our cake for cost price.
 I used a lot of décor from around my house, I have a lot of cute signs, hearts etc so I used them as decoration. I know it has been done but keeping jars is the best thing. We used them for so many things, I decorated them using glue and I found some gorgeous wallpaper for 99p that I cut up and stuck on the glasses. We borrowed lots of bunting off a friend which meant it saved me time and also saved us money, I even did my own flowers. 

Ikea is amazingly cheap. Like beyond cheap and there are some things that make cute decorations. Ikea has a range of colourful candles for next to nothing as well as vases and milk jugs starting at 99p upwards. We gave ourself a budget and set off on an adventure to ikea and to get some meatballs of course. We came away with loads of candles, tea lights, milk jars and tea light holders, perfect decoration for next to nothing and also perfect gifts to give people as a thank you after the wedding.

One thing that helped us was we started buying things early on for our wedding. We probably only spent a little amount each month, but doing that meant we were organised, we spread out the cost of things instead of it all coming out at the same time and also we bought a lot of things from ebay including China so although it took a while to come it cost hardly anything.
My wedding dress was picked up in a factory outlet shop it should of cost £1300 and I got it for less that half that price and the bridesmaids dresses were from Lindy Bop and we got them in the sale for the grand total of £25 each. Do your research, shop around and don't be frightened to trail the internet for the best places and prices.

Now this is probably a given. But get your pinterest on. Seriously though, there are so many free printables and ideas on there. If you get yourself a printer and some card you can have printables, number cards, signs, bunting, photobooth props and so many other things. If you would like to see all my boards then definitely head over and check out my Pinterest page.

Our wedding day was amazing and I so wish I could do it all again.
If you would like to see some more pictures from our day then click here.

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