My Easter Weekend

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So being totally honest if you have come to here expecting a very Easter themed post then, nope, not here! 

Instead of spending the bank holiday and the extra few days off going on adventures with friends and my husband we spent the extra few days doing 'jobs around the house.' 

Now I love my husband a lot but the idea of doing jobs around the house SUCKED! 

But being the good wife that I am that's what we did. As I write this post I am sat in my living room which has become a kitchen and currently has no pictures on he walls because we have re painted them. Let's not forget that I am covered from head to toe in paint! 

Decorating is so messy. 

But here we have it, my Easter Weekend. 

We didn't have the best start to Good Friday. I spent the whole morning crying. No particular reason I just cried a lot. Sometimes we all need a good cry and that's what I did. After that we decided that we would go on a little adventure. So off we went for a trip to the garden centre  and to a ice cream parlour. The weather was so beautiful and it was so nice to be outside. I also bought the most beautiful cactus! I mean who doesn't love a cactus. :)

Saturday is the day the work started. First stop B&Q where I spent the majority of the time admiring the home section and the 100s of cacti (I love cacti!) 
Once we got home I started painting and Andrew headed to the loft to put down floor boards and fit a light. It was here that the house started going INSANE. I spent all day painting. What a Saturday a?

I am a Christian so Easter Sunday is such an amazing day for me. Its a day where we remember that death could not hold Jesus down and that he rose again. I spent the morning in church which was amazing and then we hosted a Easter Egg Trail at another location of church in the afternoon.

Once we had finished that I headed back home where you guessed it the painting started again! But this time I had Sparkles the chocolate unicorn to see me through. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO. 

Guess what we did today. More painting. BORING I know. But we finished the day by having family tea with everyone.

Andrew and I spent sometime making the most of these light nights and playing in the garden with our niece and nephew.

So there we have it our very Eastery weekend. Well not quite but hope you enjoyed the little wander through our weekend.

So tell me all about yours, what did you get up to?

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