Easter Table Centre Piece

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Spring has finally arrived and Easter is so close. 

I am so excited to eat my own body weight in chocolate and have two extra days off with Andrew. 

Now I love nothing more that decorating my house to fit in with the season we are in so with it being a whole new season it was only fitting that our coffee table needed a little revamp.

So here we have it a super easy, super cheap Spring centre piece. 


A sample piece of fake grass.
A mini tin of narcissus 
A metal wire basket 
Some decorative eggs 
Chocolate eggs 

I picked up this fake grass from the local garden centre as a sample. So it was FREE. 

I love this cute basket. I found them in the garden section of The Pound Shop. I picked up 2 as I just love them. 

These decorative eggs were from a shop in my local town and cost £1 each. They did have a piece of string on to hang them up but I cut them off. 

Again this was from the local garden centre and cost £2.50 and I just love it. I can't wait for them to grow. 

Everyone needs Easter chocolate. These are to be added to another basket just to have on the table as well. 

Well it's pretty easy but all I did was take out the metal inside of the wire basket. I cut off the hanging string off the decorative eggs and popped them in the basket and arranged the eggs how I wanted them. 

Once I did that I placed the chocolate eggs inside the other wire basket that I bought as an added extra to our Easter decorations. 

Now it's time to set it up and arrange it and just have fun. 

This is currently the set up on our coffee table. I am so in love with it. 

I forgot that I had this little rabbit that I picked up from The Range last year but it finishes it off perfectly but even if you don't have that it still looks super cute without. 

So there we have it the perfect Easter Centre piece for under £8. 


Love Leeny

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  1. Great finds! I love those decorative eggs - they look so pretty! x


  2. Oh my gosh this is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe that the basket was from Pound Store - that's insane. Excellent finds xx

    Sophie Elizabeth