Corners of our Home

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A year ago Andrew and I bought our first home and well I am in love and beyond blessed. Recently I was washing up in the kitchen and as I looked out the window into the garden I had this moment 'oh this is my house.'

We have done so much work on our home but as you can imagine there is still so much to do. We get to a place where we feel like we are crossing things off our list and then all of a sudden 10 new things to add to it. The list is endless. 

But slowly things are finding there place and Andrew and I are making this house our home. 

So today to celebrate us being home owners for a whole year we wanted to show you some little corners of our home. 


In our dining room we have up this super cute bunting that a friend made. We had it outside throughout the summer but since winter it has found a home on an empty wall and I love it. 

On the opposite wall to the bunting we have these 4 frames that we picked up from ikea. I found the 4 printables on pinterest and fell in love with them so much. We have 'Just roll with it' 'Whip it real good' 'Be Grateful' and 'Catch you on the flipside.'

On our dining room table we have this super cute spotty oil table cloth which I picked up from home bargains for £2.99. As you can see from this picture and a few coming up I am loving daffodils in mason glasses at the moment. 

This is the shelf in our bathroom. I just love it and it is so fun. In the corner we have some C.S Lewis books which use to belong to Andrews mum. 

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that we decorated our kitchen back in October. Click here to see what we did. This window sill is forever changing but at the moment I love the set up that we have. 

On our coffee table in the living room we have this little combo. I picked up the tray from ikea for again next to nothing. I like to have the little tray as it keeps the controls in one place. Next to it we have a simple vanilla candle and some tissues. This little pink wire basket was from Tiger and cost £2 in it we have some hand cream and Don'ts for Wives and Husbands. 

Looking at this picture I need to apologise none of these pictures are straight. Ha. I love this wall it has some of my favourite prints and photos on. 

Now that the warmer weather is here our poor log fire has become quite redundant and now is the place for pretty things. I love all the cute things on here.

On the wall at the bottom of our stairs we are met with these two pictures. I love them so much. The top one was made by my brother and has Andrews birthday, my birthday, the day we got engaged and then the day we married with the saying 'what a difference a day makes' at the bottom. 
The picture underneath is of Mr W and I on our wedding day. It is one of my favourites. 

So there we have it, a few corners of our home. I hope you enjoyed it. 
I am so excited to start decorating some more rooms I am sure I will take you along on the journey. 


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  1. I looove your home decor! I adore all your frames and little decorative pieces. So stunning. I feel it's essential for all homes to have at least 1 cactus haha xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I agree cactus are a must, my husband in the over hand is saying 5 is enough! 👎🏻