Becoming a Morning Person

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I love my sleep and one thing I love more than my sleep is my amazing memory foam mattress. 

When I got married I had this picture, go with me on this..

I would wake up at the same times as Andrew (his alarm goes off at 6.30am) we would drink tea and eat breakfast together chatting about our plans for the day. I would be the best wife and make him his lunch as his finished getting ready and when 7.30am came I would wave him off to work. After that I would get ready spend sometime reading, make sure the house was tidy and then walk to work leaving at 9am. 

Now that was the dream. But let's be honest this is the reality... 

My alarm goes of at 6.30am and I press snooze, the alarm goes of at 6.45am and I press snooze. The next alarm goes off at 7am and I press snooze AGAIN. Finally after getting annoyed I turn it off.

I then roll over to find Andrew is not in bed so take this opportunity to star fish in my very own pillow palace. The next thing I know my phone is ringing it's Andrew to see if I am awake as the time is 8.30am. Cue 45minutes of insane craziness where I try and get ready, eat food, get all my stuff sorted and be at work for 9.30am. 

But get this. In the last three weeks something has changed I have been wide awake at 7.00am. I have been waking up having breakfast with Andrew and I found myself in a place where I have 2 hours to 'kill' before work. 

Who am i?
Where has this come from?
How have I done this?

So here it is my top 6 tips in how to become a morning person. 

One thing that I have done and not changed is I always set my alarm for the same time even if I do snooze and not get out of bed. Having my alarm going off at the same time Monday - Friday has helped my body get use to those early times even if I have just fallen back to sleep. After time I have found myself waking up before the alarm going off and now when my alarm goes off it wakes me up and I am awake

One of the first things I do when I am wake up is go straight for the face wipes and just clean my face. Doing this helps to get the sleep out of my eyes and wakes me up a bit. I am normally very against face wipes and have a full skin care routine but to help me wake up these have worked great. Then once I am out of bed I wash my face properly. 

Waking up on a morning and knowing the house is clean makes my heart so happy. If the house is messy and the sink is full of dishes then being honest why would I want to get out of bed. Have a little tidy up before you head to bed and honestly it will make a huge difference waking up and knowing it doesn't need to be done.

Now his is a obvious one but over the last couple of weeks I have got into a routine when it comes to going to bed. I am heading to bed around the same time each night and even though at first I was lying in bed for hours wide away over time again my body has got use to that time and now I am going to bed at a decent time when means when I wake up early on a morning my body has had enough sleep. 

I try to get out of bed by 7am but Andrew is out of bed before me most mornings. One thing he does which helps me to be more of a morning person is to switch on a little light in the room especially in winter or to open the curtains when the mornings get lighter. That light in the room with make all the difference to help you wake up. If you don't have a husband like that to pop the light on for you then as soon as your alarm goes off switch it on snooze and switch on a little light on straight away while you doze. 

I love breakfast food and I found that during the week I was having a lame breakfast because I woke up to late or we had no nice food in. But when it came to the weekend we went al out. I decided that I wanted to make my breakfasts throughout the week more exciting. Waking up on a morning and knowing that we have pastries, nice cereal, yoghurt and granola, crumpets, eggs in the kitchen makes me LITERALLY jump out of bed with joy. 

So here we have it my 6 tips in how to be a morning person. Now don't get me wrong it is still a struggle and even know writing this post I wish I could head back to bed but putting these things into place have helped me to slowly (i mean very slowly) become a morning person. 

Now I have two hours to kill before work. WIN. 

So are you a morning person? What do you do to help you get out of bed on a morning?

Have yourself a great Saturday and I hope these little things can help you to make the most of your mornings. 

Love Leeny

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