Amsterdam Adventure

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A few weeks ago it was Andrews birthday and we both had booked time off work which we were so excited for. 

We spent ages looking at nice hotels near where we live and jeeze the price of them for not even 24hours was insane. So we headed to google to see what else we could find. 

Randomly we decided to check the DFDS website which for those who don't know is like a ferry mini cruise type holiday thing (I feel like I have described that really well). As we looked we found an amazing deal where we set sail at 5pm on Thursday night and arrived in Amsterdam at 9.30am on Friday we spent the day in the Dam and then set sail back to Newcastle at 5pm that same day arriving back in Newcastle at 9.30am on Saturday morning. It was quite the adventure but we loved it. We sat in the bar on the ferry watching the sunset and playing uno. Then we wandered around Amsterdam and went on a boat cruise (What a beautiful city.) 

Here is what we got up to. ENJOY. 

Our room was basic but so fun!

This lad sucks at UNO! :) 

I was made to sit in cute cafes drinking Green Tea and eating pastries.

A fast food vending machine!

So amazing to see Ann Franks House.

The Sunset on the way home was the best! Ever had a moment that takes your breath away. This was one of mine.

Home time. 

We had the most amazing time. I hope you have enjoyed coming with us on our trip.

Love Leeny and Andrew.

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