Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My Easter Weekend

So being totally honest if you have come to here expecting a very Easter themed post then, nope, not here! 

Instead of spending the bank holiday and the extra few days off going on adventures with friends and my husband we spent the extra few days doing 'jobs around the house.' 

Now I love my husband a lot but the idea of doing jobs around the house SUCKED! 

But being the good wife that I am that's what we did. As I write this post I am sat in my living room which has become a kitchen and currently has no pictures on he walls because we have re painted them. Let's not forget that I am covered from head to toe in paint! 

Decorating is so messy. 

But here we have it, my Easter Weekend. 

We didn't have the best start to Good Friday. I spent the whole morning crying. No particular reason I just cried a lot. Sometimes we all need a good cry and that's what I did. After that we decided that we would go on a little adventure. So off we went for a trip to the garden centre  and to a ice cream parlour. The weather was so beautiful and it was so nice to be outside. I also bought the most beautiful cactus! I mean who doesn't love a cactus. :)

Saturday is the day the work started. First stop B&Q where I spent the majority of the time admiring the home section and the 100s of cacti (I love cacti!) 
Once we got home I started painting and Andrew headed to the loft to put down floor boards and fit a light. It was here that the house started going INSANE. I spent all day painting. What a Saturday a?

I am a Christian so Easter Sunday is such an amazing day for me. Its a day where we remember that death could not hold Jesus down and that he rose again. I spent the morning in church which was amazing and then we hosted a Easter Egg Trail at another location of church in the afternoon.

Once we had finished that I headed back home where you guessed it the painting started again! But this time I had Sparkles the chocolate unicorn to see me through. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO. 

Guess what we did today. More painting. BORING I know. But we finished the day by having family tea with everyone.

Andrew and I spent sometime making the most of these light nights and playing in the garden with our niece and nephew.

So there we have it our very Eastery weekend. Well not quite but hope you enjoyed the little wander through our weekend.

So tell me all about yours, what did you get up to?

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Knowing me, Knowing you aha!

So we have known each other for a while now and I think it’s probably best we got to know each other a bit better, do you think?

So this is my face and my name is Leeny. 

Anyway, to help you find out a little more about me and who I am then here is 16 questions.

Let’s do this…

Funny story really I have a few middle names, I know I know the average human only has one but it seems that my mum decided to give me two. Cheers.
So year my middle names are Constance Elizabeth. So my new name is now Colleen Constance Elizabeth Wind. BLEURGH.

My favourite subject at school was History and  FT which was food and textiles. Two very different subjects but I loved them.

I am 25. Have been for three years now. LOL! No I am 28 but I feel 25.

Well it depends where I am and what time of the day but my go to drink at the moment is Pepsi Max I don’t know what is in it but I am hooked!

My Favourite song at the moment is by a worship band called Jesus Culture and it is called In the River. You should definitely check it out.

Well anything with Nutella or Chocolate in really. Anyone else with me on that???
I also love Hummus. Like A LOT!

The last think I bought was probably the whole of Tiger store in Sunderland. We went for a ladies day out with my mum and sister and I picked up A LOT of things including cards, a pink basket and some elderflower juice, oh I wish I still had some of that juice.

I am a Christian so the Bible is probably the most read book that I own.
But if its one of my favourites I will forever always love love love Lion the witch and the wardrobe.

Any shade of Green or Blue. Those colours are my life. I also love having green or blue nails.

I sure am to the handsome man that is Andrew Thomas. He is a cute thing.

I have a brother and a sister who are twins and they are older than me. So that makes me the baby.

Hannah Gale, Zoella, Brogan Tate xo and Amy Farquhar. I am loving these ladies a lot at the moment.

Tall. I am really tall, like 5 10 I think. I suppose at this point all you need to know is that I am a tad taller than Andrew but shhhhh, don’t tell him that. In his head he likes to think he is taller than me.

I am a children’s worker for a church. We have three locations of church and I help to sort and organise all the kids work for all three places.

I wanted to be a ballet dancer and well that was never going to happen as I am massive and walk like an elephant. Then I wanted to be a teacher, I gave up on that dream and then I wanted to have a job involved in fashion which was the plan until I turned 18 and then I decided to mix life up and move to uni and become a youth and children’s worker.

Oh nothing exciting. I think Colleen means girl or hill in some languages. J

So there we have it. Just a few questions to get know me a little more.

Love Leeny

Monday, 28 March 2016

OOTD: That in between kinda weather

Spring is here and slowly, I mean really slowly the weather is getting warmer. Its those kind of days where its warm in the sun but freezing in the cold. 

You see I have a MAJOR problem with this in between weather, I'm cold in just a t-shirt but too hot in a coat or a massive cardigan. I mean what do you wear in this in between weather time??

So after emptying the entire contents of my wardrobe on the floor. I found it. The perfect outfit for that in between kinda weather. 

Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins // Black Skinny Jeans - Primark 

I just love this whole outfit, it was so worth the fact my wardrobe is now all over my bedroom floor. 

This tan satchel is my favourite bag every. Truth being told it is tiny and can fit hardly anything in but I love the memories that this bag holds. Around 9 years ago my friend and I headed to Dublin for the day and night, I remember getting on a train and ending up in a random town which was apparently famous for its vintage market, I know how exciting well it had 4 stalls and was pretty lame but this bag was so beautiful and smelt like a bag I had to pick it up, since then it has lost its original strap and I have had  to pack one with scarf.

This leather jacket is my go to jacket. For such along time I didn't think I could rock it but I got over that and well now it is the most worn item in my wardrobe. I love weather it in winter with a huge scarf and in summer on an evening over a cute tea dress. I am sure you will see this jacket in many outfit posts to come.

Stripy Oversized Tshirt - Primark

I just love stripes and I just love oversized t-shirt I mean what is more perfect when you have piled on a few extra pounds over the last few months *hides face in shame and puts down the biscuit in my hand* Stripes just make me happy ok. 

Black Loafers Pumps - Primark

CONFESSION TIME: I am not a shoe girl. Some girls love shoes and don't get me wrong I love shoes a lot but I'm not really bothered about them. I probably have around 5 pairs of shoes and they are mainly Primark shoes that fall of your feet after a few weeks of wearing them. I love Primarks simple loafer style shoes they cost next to nothing but are perfect for walks on spring nights.

Andrew and I had such a lovely walk and it was so nice to see that Spring really has sprung. 

So what would be your perfect 'in between kinda weather' outfit?

Hope you are enjoying Spring. 

Love Leeny

Friday, 25 March 2016

Corners of our Home

A year ago Andrew and I bought our first home and well I am in love and beyond blessed. Recently I was washing up in the kitchen and as I looked out the window into the garden I had this moment 'oh this is my house.'

We have done so much work on our home but as you can imagine there is still so much to do. We get to a place where we feel like we are crossing things off our list and then all of a sudden 10 new things to add to it. The list is endless. 

But slowly things are finding there place and Andrew and I are making this house our home. 

So today to celebrate us being home owners for a whole year we wanted to show you some little corners of our home. 


In our dining room we have up this super cute bunting that a friend made. We had it outside throughout the summer but since winter it has found a home on an empty wall and I love it. 

On the opposite wall to the bunting we have these 4 frames that we picked up from ikea. I found the 4 printables on pinterest and fell in love with them so much. We have 'Just roll with it' 'Whip it real good' 'Be Grateful' and 'Catch you on the flipside.'

On our dining room table we have this super cute spotty oil table cloth which I picked up from home bargains for £2.99. As you can see from this picture and a few coming up I am loving daffodils in mason glasses at the moment. 

This is the shelf in our bathroom. I just love it and it is so fun. In the corner we have some C.S Lewis books which use to belong to Andrews mum. 

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that we decorated our kitchen back in October. Click here to see what we did. This window sill is forever changing but at the moment I love the set up that we have. 

On our coffee table in the living room we have this little combo. I picked up the tray from ikea for again next to nothing. I like to have the little tray as it keeps the controls in one place. Next to it we have a simple vanilla candle and some tissues. This little pink wire basket was from Tiger and cost £2 in it we have some hand cream and Don'ts for Wives and Husbands. 

Looking at this picture I need to apologise none of these pictures are straight. Ha. I love this wall it has some of my favourite prints and photos on. 

Now that the warmer weather is here our poor log fire has become quite redundant and now is the place for pretty things. I love all the cute things on here.

On the wall at the bottom of our stairs we are met with these two pictures. I love them so much. The top one was made by my brother and has Andrews birthday, my birthday, the day we got engaged and then the day we married with the saying 'what a difference a day makes' at the bottom. 
The picture underneath is of Mr W and I on our wedding day. It is one of my favourites. 

So there we have it, a few corners of our home. I hope you enjoyed it. 
I am so excited to start decorating some more rooms I am sure I will take you along on the journey. 


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Table Centre Piece

Spring has finally arrived and Easter is so close. 

I am so excited to eat my own body weight in chocolate and have two extra days off with Andrew. 

Now I love nothing more that decorating my house to fit in with the season we are in so with it being a whole new season it was only fitting that our coffee table needed a little revamp.

So here we have it a super easy, super cheap Spring centre piece. 


A sample piece of fake grass.
A mini tin of narcissus 
A metal wire basket 
Some decorative eggs 
Chocolate eggs 

I picked up this fake grass from the local garden centre as a sample. So it was FREE. 

I love this cute basket. I found them in the garden section of The Pound Shop. I picked up 2 as I just love them. 

These decorative eggs were from a shop in my local town and cost £1 each. They did have a piece of string on to hang them up but I cut them off. 

Again this was from the local garden centre and cost £2.50 and I just love it. I can't wait for them to grow. 

Everyone needs Easter chocolate. These are to be added to another basket just to have on the table as well. 

Well it's pretty easy but all I did was take out the metal inside of the wire basket. I cut off the hanging string off the decorative eggs and popped them in the basket and arranged the eggs how I wanted them. 

Once I did that I placed the chocolate eggs inside the other wire basket that I bought as an added extra to our Easter decorations. 

Now it's time to set it up and arrange it and just have fun. 

This is currently the set up on our coffee table. I am so in love with it. 

I forgot that I had this little rabbit that I picked up from The Range last year but it finishes it off perfectly but even if you don't have that it still looks super cute without. 

So there we have it the perfect Easter Centre piece for under £8. 


Love Leeny

Monday, 21 March 2016

Wedding on a Budget

Saturday 11th July 2015, I married the most amazing man ever.
He is honestly the best thing and life with him is BEYOND exciting.
I can not believe it has nearly been a year! 

Andrew and I got engaged in November 2014 but we didn’t start any wedding plans till the January 2015 so we planned and organised our wedding in 6 months.

What a 6 months.

You see, we didn’t just plan and organise the wedding we also bought a house, he moved out and then after the wedding I moved in.

If you have ever met Andrew and I you will know that he is beyond chilled and relaxed and I love anything cute and to have fun. So here we have the theme for our wedding.
Fun, cute and relaxed.
We decided on a Village Fete themed wedding, with BBQ, games and lots of cakes.

We did our wedding on a super tight budget and throughout the whole process we picked up some tips on planning a wedding creatively and also by not spending too much money. So here we have my top 5 tips for planning a wedding and not spending a FORTUNE.

To me there were just some things that I wasn't to bothered about so instead of stressing about them and spending a fortune on it I just didn't bother. I was quite happy to do my own make up, hair and I was not bothered about having nice cars. Now I have an amazing family who organised as a surprise for me to get my hair done and to have a cute vintage car which I am so thankful for, but there was just some things I didn't care about. Don't waste money on things you don't care to much for and save it for the things you do. Sit down with your husband to be and make a list or what is important to you and what can you skimp on.

If you can borrow it, borrow it. If someone is giving something away and you think it will fit in your wedding then do it. If a friend got married and is sat on a ton of wedding decorations then ask if you can borrow it. You will be surprised at what people have and what people are will to do to help. My friends were amazing and one of them made our cake for cost price.
 I used a lot of d├ęcor from around my house, I have a lot of cute signs, hearts etc so I used them as decoration. I know it has been done but keeping jars is the best thing. We used them for so many things, I decorated them using glue and I found some gorgeous wallpaper for 99p that I cut up and stuck on the glasses. We borrowed lots of bunting off a friend which meant it saved me time and also saved us money, I even did my own flowers. 

Ikea is amazingly cheap. Like beyond cheap and there are some things that make cute decorations. Ikea has a range of colourful candles for next to nothing as well as vases and milk jugs starting at 99p upwards. We gave ourself a budget and set off on an adventure to ikea and to get some meatballs of course. We came away with loads of candles, tea lights, milk jars and tea light holders, perfect decoration for next to nothing and also perfect gifts to give people as a thank you after the wedding.

One thing that helped us was we started buying things early on for our wedding. We probably only spent a little amount each month, but doing that meant we were organised, we spread out the cost of things instead of it all coming out at the same time and also we bought a lot of things from ebay including China so although it took a while to come it cost hardly anything.
My wedding dress was picked up in a factory outlet shop it should of cost £1300 and I got it for less that half that price and the bridesmaids dresses were from Lindy Bop and we got them in the sale for the grand total of £25 each. Do your research, shop around and don't be frightened to trail the internet for the best places and prices.

Now this is probably a given. But get your pinterest on. Seriously though, there are so many free printables and ideas on there. If you get yourself a printer and some card you can have printables, number cards, signs, bunting, photobooth props and so many other things. If you would like to see all my boards then definitely head over and check out my Pinterest page.

Our wedding day was amazing and I so wish I could do it all again.
If you would like to see some more pictures from our day then click here.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Becoming a Morning Person

I love my sleep and one thing I love more than my sleep is my amazing memory foam mattress. 

When I got married I had this picture, go with me on this..

I would wake up at the same times as Andrew (his alarm goes off at 6.30am) we would drink tea and eat breakfast together chatting about our plans for the day. I would be the best wife and make him his lunch as his finished getting ready and when 7.30am came I would wave him off to work. After that I would get ready spend sometime reading, make sure the house was tidy and then walk to work leaving at 9am. 

Now that was the dream. But let's be honest this is the reality... 

My alarm goes of at 6.30am and I press snooze, the alarm goes of at 6.45am and I press snooze. The next alarm goes off at 7am and I press snooze AGAIN. Finally after getting annoyed I turn it off.

I then roll over to find Andrew is not in bed so take this opportunity to star fish in my very own pillow palace. The next thing I know my phone is ringing it's Andrew to see if I am awake as the time is 8.30am. Cue 45minutes of insane craziness where I try and get ready, eat food, get all my stuff sorted and be at work for 9.30am. 

But get this. In the last three weeks something has changed I have been wide awake at 7.00am. I have been waking up having breakfast with Andrew and I found myself in a place where I have 2 hours to 'kill' before work. 

Who am i?
Where has this come from?
How have I done this?

So here it is my top 6 tips in how to become a morning person. 

One thing that I have done and not changed is I always set my alarm for the same time even if I do snooze and not get out of bed. Having my alarm going off at the same time Monday - Friday has helped my body get use to those early times even if I have just fallen back to sleep. After time I have found myself waking up before the alarm going off and now when my alarm goes off it wakes me up and I am awake

One of the first things I do when I am wake up is go straight for the face wipes and just clean my face. Doing this helps to get the sleep out of my eyes and wakes me up a bit. I am normally very against face wipes and have a full skin care routine but to help me wake up these have worked great. Then once I am out of bed I wash my face properly. 

Waking up on a morning and knowing the house is clean makes my heart so happy. If the house is messy and the sink is full of dishes then being honest why would I want to get out of bed. Have a little tidy up before you head to bed and honestly it will make a huge difference waking up and knowing it doesn't need to be done.

Now his is a obvious one but over the last couple of weeks I have got into a routine when it comes to going to bed. I am heading to bed around the same time each night and even though at first I was lying in bed for hours wide away over time again my body has got use to that time and now I am going to bed at a decent time when means when I wake up early on a morning my body has had enough sleep. 

I try to get out of bed by 7am but Andrew is out of bed before me most mornings. One thing he does which helps me to be more of a morning person is to switch on a little light in the room especially in winter or to open the curtains when the mornings get lighter. That light in the room with make all the difference to help you wake up. If you don't have a husband like that to pop the light on for you then as soon as your alarm goes off switch it on snooze and switch on a little light on straight away while you doze. 

I love breakfast food and I found that during the week I was having a lame breakfast because I woke up to late or we had no nice food in. But when it came to the weekend we went al out. I decided that I wanted to make my breakfasts throughout the week more exciting. Waking up on a morning and knowing that we have pastries, nice cereal, yoghurt and granola, crumpets, eggs in the kitchen makes me LITERALLY jump out of bed with joy. 

So here we have it my 6 tips in how to be a morning person. Now don't get me wrong it is still a struggle and even know writing this post I wish I could head back to bed but putting these things into place have helped me to slowly (i mean very slowly) become a morning person. 

Now I have two hours to kill before work. WIN. 

So are you a morning person? What do you do to help you get out of bed on a morning?

Have yourself a great Saturday and I hope these little things can help you to make the most of your mornings. 

Love Leeny

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Amsterdam Adventure

A few weeks ago it was Andrews birthday and we both had booked time off work which we were so excited for. 

We spent ages looking at nice hotels near where we live and jeeze the price of them for not even 24hours was insane. So we headed to google to see what else we could find. 

Randomly we decided to check the DFDS website which for those who don't know is like a ferry mini cruise type holiday thing (I feel like I have described that really well). As we looked we found an amazing deal where we set sail at 5pm on Thursday night and arrived in Amsterdam at 9.30am on Friday we spent the day in the Dam and then set sail back to Newcastle at 5pm that same day arriving back in Newcastle at 9.30am on Saturday morning. It was quite the adventure but we loved it. We sat in the bar on the ferry watching the sunset and playing uno. Then we wandered around Amsterdam and went on a boat cruise (What a beautiful city.) 

Here is what we got up to. ENJOY. 

Our room was basic but so fun!

This lad sucks at UNO! :) 

I was made to sit in cute cafes drinking Green Tea and eating pastries.

A fast food vending machine!

So amazing to see Ann Franks House.

The Sunset on the way home was the best! Ever had a moment that takes your breath away. This was one of mine.

Home time. 

We had the most amazing time. I hope you have enjoyed coming with us on our trip.

Love Leeny and Andrew.